He continued, “I think what we’re saying is that there are Black men who are disaffected with Democrats and the system and supporting Donald Trump because they are cynical toward the system but a lot less Black men are actually casting votes for him.” 

While Woodbury acknowledged the Biden campaign has given “a lot more attention” to  Black men voters this election cycle, their “laser focus” may not actually translate into voter turnout from Black men. 

“I think the reality has set in that while there are Black men who are distrustful of the system… Donald Trump represents this disruption for us, but those men are just a lot less likely to come out and turn out.”

Nonetheless, Woodbury predicts due to vote by mail and early voting, Black voter turnout will exceed the historic numbers in 2008 for Barack Obama, which was 65 percent.

In 2016, 14% of Black men voted for Trump and 16% of Black men with a college degree voted for Trump. Additionally,  according to Pew Research Center, only 54% of eligible Black men voted in 2016. Overall Black voter turnout was at a 20-year low at 59.5%.

See Woodbury’s interview below:

Several Black men in hip-hop have either voiced their support for Trump, like Lil Wayne, or worked with his administration on a plan to address concerns in the Black community, like Ice Cube. Rapper Lil Pump appeared at a Trump rally in Michigan last night (November 2) where the President unfortunately referred to him as Lil Pimp. 


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