Last year the Trio Noisia announced the split after 20 years. The break-up tour has been postponed due to COVID-19, but that doesn't mean that individual members aren't already working on new solo material … or working together.

Noisia Thys was tired and bored, so he decided to do an AMA on Twitter. One of the questions a fan asked was "What is ILY?" And referred to the following tweet.

ILY? @ Krillex

– Thys (@ThysMusic) May 15, 2020

His answer got us on the edge of our seats: a Thys x Skrillex Collaborative project. "Let's see what's ever going to happen, but we're off to a great start with that name and OOST!"

As with any Skrillex project, we haven't heard anything and who knows when we'll do it, but we're hyped up.

The name ILY can already be found all over Spotify, including an artist with over half a million followers. So we'll see if the name stays the same. But as Shakespeare wrote, a rose with a different name would smell so sweet.

Revisit the set of the two from OOST below, where you can even hear Skrillex say, "The first debut of ily."

(embed) (/ embed)

via Run The Trap


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