January 30, 2019 – Hollywood Club Crawl

The nightlife and party scene in Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles can be interesting. We simplify this process for you! We offer club crawls, pub crawls, parties, vacation events and much more. From a couple / singles Valentine's Day to a busy carnival party and spring ringing with the ever-sold St Patrick & # 39; s Day Bar Crawls when you're in Hollywood or downtown Los Angeles these months … you know where you need to be.


Valentine's Day is a day of love, lust and of course clubbing! Every year, Nasstive Entertainment hosts a great event that features couples and singles from across Southern California. Distributing colored necklace beads, RED means you are taken, green means you are single. This is a unique event every year that is definitely worth your time. Red means no, green means go!


Shortly after Valentine's Day there is a bit more of a party … Carnival! The club crawls against several night clubs, distributes pearls and "party loot" again and celebrates for almost an hour each! Did you know that Mardi Gars' history goes back to the Middle Ages in Europe? And we still welcome the festive mood today in the 2000s! So if you like to party … this is your event.


People usually say we leave the best at the end … so I did this. Like all of the events listed above, it's amazing, but the St Patrick's Day Bar Crawl is hard to beat and one of my personal favorites. This pub crawl attracts an average of more than 700 guests, this event is a party for everyone. It's a hell of a time to flood the streets of downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood with green and join 10 to 15 venues! So, put on some greenery and shoot the scene and celebrate St. Paddy Day with hundreds of other parties … see you there 😉


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