A multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer, Petit Biscuit has converted his classically trained talents into critical acclaim over the course of his career. Petit Biscuit kicked off this summer with “I Leave Again”, a collaboration with longtime friend Shallou. The song became an instant hit, speeding to 25 million global streams and receiving global support from the likes of triple j, SiriusXM Chill, and Virgin. “Burnin” also joined the fold, with features on Apple Music’s New Music Daily and Zane Lowe’s Apple Music 1 program.

Now, Petit Biscuit has revealed his highly anticipated, beautiful new LP Parachute – out now via Écurie. The project was recorded across Petit Biscuit’s global travels as he spent time in Los Angeles sessions and self-isolated on the coast of Iceland for a reprieve from the hustle of daily life. With a wealth of new life experiences to extract from, Parachute finds Petit Biscuit coming into his own as an introspective lyricist with explorations of love, war, and death alongside his self-assured step into the vocal spotlight.

Parachute features nine tracks including the recently released “Drivin Thru The Night” and “Burnin” alongside cuts like the Diplo-assisted “Pick Your Battles” and forward-thinking “Constellation” which Petit Biscuit pinpoints as the future of his sound.

Listening through the whole album is an incredible experience. Petit Biscuit never fails to amaze us with his work as it always seems to spark the imagination in wildly beautiful way. On the creative evolution that took place while recording Parachute, he explains:

You’re waking up, you’re thinking about your project. You’re going to sleep, you’re thinking about your project. It’s taken all my life and I realized I needed to think about other things for my mental health, to feel a bit more normal. I focused on other activities and I took time to see my friends more, to talk with people and have real conversations. It was a time to question myself, what I believed in, and what I wanted. It was a long road, but I think I came out on the other side a better person and more comfortable with who I was.

As for how his worldwide sessions can be sensed through Parachute as a whole, he adds:

When I’m listening to the whole album I can recognize which tracks come from a session in the United States and which tracks come from the Icelandic sessions. There are two main colors to be heard.

From start to finish, this album proves to be a timeless contribution from one of the most talented artists in the industry. Check out Parachute by Petit Biscuit below!

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