Music video by Natural Selection performing Do Anything. (C) 1991 East West Records

Release : October 19, 1991
Album : Natural Selection (1991)
(U.S. #2) (UK #69) (AUS #10)

Natural Selection was a U.S. pop group, best known for their 1991 hit “Do Anything” that reached number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, behind “Emotions” by Mariah Carey. It also peaked at number 10 on the Australian ARIA Charts in 1991. Natural Selection was a duo that blended R&B and hip-hop for a couple successful singles and a self-titled album released in 1991. Elliot Erickson and Frederick Thomas formed the group in 1989. After their first recording, “Do Anything,” caught on at the radio station where Erickson was employed, EastWest picked them up and gave the song a national release in 1991. That October, it reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100, topped only by Mariah Carey’s “Emotions.” An album and two additional singles followed, but a planned follow-up never reached fruition. Erickson and Thomas parted in 1992. Thomas kept the Natural Selection name alive informally, with John Swan and Shaun Ware brought into the group. A deal was sealed with SBK, but the label and, subsequently, the group, fell apart. Several years later, the three came back together and recorded again. They independently released an eight-song recording titled Infinity, which didn’t stray far from the sound of the group’s initial recordings.

Lyrics :

Do anything
Oh yeah
Whatcha gonna do for me
Whatcha gonna do for my love
Just cant
Just cant get
Just cant get enough
Talk to me

Hey I really love you
Love you so so much
Put my lady next to you
To always feel your touch
Every lttle thing you do
Seems to turn me on
Even when youre talking nasty to me
Over the telephone

Honey Ill stay up late for you
And wait for your call
Buzz me up at 5 AM
And I dont mind at all

Cuz Ill do anything for your loving
Yes will Ill do anything But with a serious step are you qualified?

Just cant
Just cant get
Just cant get enough
Talk to me

First thing in the morning
Ill be at your door
o tough
All day long and
All night strong
Just cant get enough

Honey if you let me start you up
We can begin
I play your game
Baby wont you let me win

Cuz Ill do anything for your loving Do anything for your loving or would you send me off like a
third class lover Do anything for your loving l the break of dawn Do anything for your loving baby on

Just cant
Just cant get
Just cant get enough
Talk to me

You got to know
The way I feel
Is for real
its everlasting
me what you need
And Ill take heed
And lead you in the right direction for affection
See what Im saying
I aint playin
Stop delayin girl
And make me yor natural selection

Ha ha ha ha
Youre crazy
I dont know about you
But I think I like you

Do anything for your lovin

Could you find the time to make me yours?
Take me out and rock the floors?
GIve me every little bit of your loves what I said
Make it smooth to the groove
Like sandwich bread

Well its you for me
And me for you
Theres not one thing
I wouldnt do
Hey Ill do most anything
You and me were meant to swing
Do do dodo

Just cant
Just cant get
Guess what
Just cant get enough
I want to be your baby
Just cant
Just cant get
Just cant get enough


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