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Chapter 3



“A question of graver and universal interest is the possibility of another attack from the Martians. I do not think that nearly enough attention is being given to this aspect of the matter.”

Herbert G. Wells

Central aerial investigation group – Continuing the work of conquest  – The Tango group – The San Francisco earthquake – Operation Prime Number – The Christmas Eve radio test – The first world military conference – ‘Exploration’ of the Earth’s polar regions – Martian Brotherhood attack Directorate D labs – Test flight of the Phoenix – Martian back engineering continues – Something called ‘RADAR’ – ‘Lunch’ with a Martian – Tango goes back on the offensive – The Great Tunguska event – Over Martian skies – The Martian ‘Ambassador’ – On to the North Pole – The Egyptian team – The Thunder Child Memorial – The rocket men – The 1910 flyby of Halley’s Comet – The South Pole expedition – A director assassinated – The Somaliland lawless zone – Meeting notes.

By 1906 we had very few doubts that the Martians had pretty much never left the general area around the Earth. Far too many reports of unidentified aerial craft and other strange sightings were coming into national governments and Committee offices to be ignored. Why they had not attacked in strength or made themselves obviously known no one could answer. We did know that many of these sightings of aerial craft could easily fall under the category of general harassment developed to keep Earth’s population off balance and in fear. What we also knew for certain was they were still keeping a close watch on us, so we had to keep track of as much of their activities as we could while at the same time keeping the general population of this world in the dark as far as any Martian activity was concerned for as long as we could. We were now in an intelligence and psychological war with the Martians and so far they were well ahead in the game! To attack that issue we set up an internal organization with the express purpose of acquiring as much information as we could on Martian activities in, on, and around planet Earth. To say the least it was a rather tall task for the teams considering our technological base or rather lack of technology and limited resources at the time.


On 6 March 1906 Executive Briefing Paper, EBP 1906-8, which established the “Central Aerial Investigation Group (CAIG)” (see Appendix B) was published for the Committee leadership. Their duties and responsibilities were laid out in this and later classified documents. With this document, and reports included with it, the Committee would be brought up to date on the continuing Martian activities in and around the Earth and what we planned to do about it. They were back (having never left), and a whole lot sooner than we would have ever anticipated. The good news was we were fairly certain they were not ready to launch a full-scale invasion. The bad news was – we now fully expected they would invade when the time came!


(MS-CoT) Objective-Primary: The primary objective of this new group is to establish a base of information in order to learn as much as possible about these incidents and to formulate operational plans to defeat these aerial craft and end these abductions. This group will coordinate its efforts with Tango security as well as other internal Committee intelligence services only when required. Further – the CAIG is to deploy agents throughout the world with the primary task of gathering data central to any unknown aerial phenomena. No intelligence organizations outside of the Committee will be actively engaged in this organization’s work. No information gathered will be shared with any individual, group, nation or organization outside of the Committee unless authorized by Magic.

(MS-CoT) Objective-Secondary: The secondary objective of this group is to capture, if the opportunity presents itself by any means available, a living Martian A or Martian B. Facilities are to be constructed which will allow the holding and study of any captured Martian. CAIG operatives will coordinate these activities with Tango Command.

The CAIG certainly had their work cut out for them as reports were soon coming in from northern Europe and Asia as well as the United States, Canada and Russia. It was not long before we also had unidentified aerial craft reports coming in from South America and southern Australia. Before long the executive staff at CAIG formed area teams to keep track of these reports and try to put together an overall understanding of what this all meant in relation to the Martian situation. They would soon be generating weekly reports on suspect aerial activity. At the time it was not all that clear that we could simply place all of these aerial sightings and human abductions in the Mars column. We did not want to miss anything if in fact we were receiving visits from off-planet species not related to Martians. It was becoming clear that if intelligent life had formed on two close planets orbiting our Sun then other intelligent life was an almost certain event elsewhere. It was beginning to dawn on many of us that the universe could be a rather crowded place, not to mention a very dangerous one. Certainly we had no technology that could give us evidence to the contrary.

Dozens and then hundreds of reports were coming in to Committee headquarters of Martian reconnaissance craft acquiring samples (not always whole specimens) of plants, animals and more than a few people from Earth. (Only later would we discover the Martians had developed a method to produce vast amounts of blue-green algae which could be used to produce many different types of food.) One of the most detailed reports of such efforts came from the south of France. We were lucky to have a Committee investigation team on site when the event occurred. They reported that:

Tomato plants of all kinds seemed to be of special interest to the Grays as they went about their work. They also gathered up flowers and shrubs of many kinds as well as tree branches, leaves, grasses and several varieties of herbs. The Grays were also very interested in acquiring several different types of rocks and soils found in the general area. When they had finished this work two Grays went a few hundred feet from the field they were working in and gathered up around two dozen chickens.

One such report close to home came from several eyewitnesses in Old London. I recall the panic held by many of those who saw such craft in the skies over a still desolate and broken city. It had not been long since the Martians had been “defeated” and the memories were still strong. Needless to say, the people of Earth were still very nervous.

The combined monster certainly traveled and steered. It went overhead perhaps a thousand feet up, sailed away southward, vanished over the hills, reappeared a little blue outline far off in the east, going now very fast before a gentle south-west gale, returned above the [wreaked] Crystal Palace towers, circled round them, chose a position for decent, and sank down out of sight. And that was only the beginning of a succession of strange phenomena in the heavens – cylinders, cones, pear-shaped monsters, even at last a thing of aluminum that glittered wonderfully…

One part of that night’s activities was not widely known and in fact was very quickly covered up. A constable named Jonathan D. Lewis was found in a field near one of that night’s sightings in a horrible condition. ‘With the precision of a surgeon his eyes, tongue, genitals and rectum had been removed as was all of the blood drained from the body.” Other body parts had been ‘sampled’. We were greatly concerned that this gruesome activity would continue but it soon became clear that cattle and sheep would be the primary targets of these mysterious night attacks.

Generally reports of unknown aerial craft could be placed into three categories. First were the small craft, which seemed to be too small for any crews to work in. We would eventually come to the conclusion that these were ‘unMartianed’ craft sent down as automated reconnaissance vehicles or controlled by Martians in other craft or at the Poles. This represented another level of technical ability we would need to master in the future. Autonomous craft were well beyond our capabilities. (Dr. Tesla was particularly interested in acquiring one of these craft.) Most of these flew during night hours over cities (where most were spotted probably due to larger numbers of people being there) and they did not seem to have any solid link to cold or warm areas. If anything there were a few more flights in warmer areas.

Unidentified Flying Object imaged over Upper-New York City
Unidentified Flying Object imaged over Upper-New York City

The second type of aerial craft of considerable size seemed to be looking for general natural resources as well as water. Again flying mostly at night these craft were more often than not spotted over fresh water sources and they were spotted generally in higher latitudes as well as medium altitudes over mountain passes. These punctuated the needs the Martians must have felt as they flew all the way to Earth simply to acquire water!

The final general category of aerial craft was the most dangerous to mankind. These craft were linked to most of the abductions of people and animals as well as other aggressive tactics still being used by the Martians. These were the craft that the CAIG were most interested in tracking and eventually shooting down. However, we were a very long way from being able to do that. These craft were also “Martianed” and must have been fully armed to do battle at any time it was required. We were certainly no match at the time.

In their first oral report to the Committee (CAIG Most-Secret), CAIG members reminded the attendees that abductions of humans had been going on for thousands of years. They quoted a passage from Ramayana written around 400 B.C.E.

The unseen dwellers of the woodlands watched this sad and shameful deed as the all-powerful Rasksha [sky god] abducted the poor and helpless dame. He sat her upon his winged chariot which shone as bright as gold, and moved as fleet as the god Indra’s heavenly steed… Then the chariot rose in the skies, high over the hill and wooded vale. The dame was not to be seen again.

The CAIG “UFO working groups” (around 450 people per group at this early date) were soon meeting in what they referred to as “The Bunker.” Two ‘bunkers’ were built, one in Lower-Sydney, the Southern CAIG Command Center (code named “Star Light”), and another in Lower-New York City, the Northern CAIG Command Center (code named “Star Bright”). These were housed in some of the deepest offices built into these primary underground cities on Earth very close to the underground classified document storage facilities. I was later able to acquire a copy of their first, as well as several additional reports. Years later full copies of both files kept in the ‘bunkers’ were sent to one of the ‘Vaults for Mankind’ facilities just in case.

One of my favorite UFO reports came from William of Newburgh’s Chronicle as he described a strange flying craft in the late 12th century hundreds of years before any man even lifted off in a hot air balloon.

At Byland, or Begeland Abbey, in North Yorkshire Riding, while the abbot and monks were in the refectorium, a flat, round, shining, silvery disc flew over the abbey and caused the utmost terror.

Unless we are badly mistaken about our own long history not too many human built machines could perform those types of maneuvers in the 12th century!


Historic reports: CAIG historic files presently number some 418 unexplained aerial reports dating back hundreds of years filed by date (original Committee reports). Although numerous reports of unknown aerial objects date before primary recorded human history CAIG files contain only those where dates (year) and detailed observations of a useful nature for researchers are available. Latest historic briefs see below.

1513 – Michelangelo reports a “flying triangle above the city,” and paints the object into one of his paintings. The painting has been reportedly lost, however it is most likely still held in Vatican vaults.

1561, 14 April – Over Nuremberg, Germany, in the early morning, hundreds of witnesses saw dozens of multi-colored disks and spheres. Some were said to have crashed. The smaller objects appear to emerge from two vertical cylinders in the sky. The disks and spheres from one cylinder appear to do battle against the disks and spheres of the other. This event was reported in the Nuremberg Gazette. Woodcut by Hans Glaser.

1566, 7 August – A large number of black spheres seen in the skies above Basel, Switzerland, reported to have battled each other. White spheres also seen, but they do not seem to have been involved in the aerial combat. Broadsheets at the time told of these events.

1665, 8 April – Over Stralsund, Germany, a series of “saucer-shaped” objects with domes and “aerial ships” were seen by dozens of people in the sky. Later reports spoke of strange diseases amongst the people of Stralsund as well as missing persons.

1671, 18 August – A large crowd in Regensburg, Germany was amazed at the sight of “ships in the sky arrayed as if for battle.” These objects were seen by hundreds for over an hour before “the air fleet sailed away.”

1697, 4 November – In the skies over Hamburg and Mecklenburg, Germany, a large crowd watched as two very large “glowing wheels” slowly cross the sky. The next day several people are reported to be missing.

Recent reports: During the past week ending 28 April CAIG has recorded 183 unexplained aerial reports over the northern hemisphere. Selected sighting briefs below.

24 April – Roma, Italy: Several witnesses reported sighting numerous ten-foot globes moving in “a directed manner” in and around a wooded area near a destroyed power generating plant. The objects were clearly too small to transport an intelligent pilot and therefore must be considered highly sophisticated in design and construction. These may be similar to objects sighted in 1561 and 1566.

25 April – Avebury, England: Witnesses report orange balls of light descended from a great height landing in a pasture just north of Avebury. The lights appeared to hover over the field beginning at 2 a.m. for several minutes before slowly rising to great heights and disappearing. At sunrise it was noted at least four milk-cows were missing.

27 April – Leeds, England: An elderly couple presently living in a small natural cave with a “tent front” reported that a “hole had opened up in the cave wall and several beings began to pull the elderly man into the hole.” As he was being dragged in, his wife was able to help pull him from the grasp of the “little creatures.” The couple then fled the cave and reported the event to the commander of a nearby military encampment.

28 April – Upper-New York City: A large dark disk shaped aerial craft was seen to slowly fly over the city at 3:05 a.m. Small lights could be seen on the sides. The object made no noise.

CAIG files are to be destroyed only upon written or verbal orders of Magic.


Over Nuremberg, Germany, reported in the Nuremberg Gazette.
Woodcut by Hans Glaser
Over Nuremberg, Germany, reported in the Nuremberg Gazette. Woodcut by Hans Glaser

In the meantime, we were to later learn that the Martians were continuing their vaccine developments along with much activity on the surface of Mars and the newspapers were well advised of that building activity thanks to the efforts of Dr. Lowell.


As we worked on Earth the Martians continued to prepare on both Mars and Earth for their next attempt to conquer our recovering planet. Their singular goal of course was to abandon Mars entirely (as far as the preferred population was concerned) and populate another planet – our planet. Electric documents would reveal they intended to leave “the sick as well as old Martian As behind as well as other inferior species no longer required!” That included most Bs, hybrids and certainly all of their captive humans. It also seemed to include a few ‘undesirable’ Martian As (Ref: Martian Electric Document 518XX4-6). By this method they would in fact be attempting to inhabit two worlds. As we would later discover they had no real choice. We had no choice but to stop them.

New Sydney Times – 29 March 1906


Great Objects and Bright Lights Seen on Surface

LOWELL Observatory, Flagstaff: Dr. Lowell in Arizona has reported great activity on the surface of Mars. New surface structures have been spotted along with large lighted areas. “Common upon the face of the Moon, excrescences of the terminator rim has been rare on Mars. The first ever seen was detected by a visitor at the Lick Observatory in 1888. Since then they have repeatedly been noticed both at Lick and elsewhere. But although observers are now on the watch for them, they have not been very frequently chronicled because not of everyday occurrence. Much depends upon the opposition; some approaches of the planet proving more prolific of them than others. That having been said it now appears that whatever these structures are the Martians are building them at a much higher rate than previously noted.”

Great lighted areas are also presently being spotted as noted by Lowell in areas thought to be generally uninhabited. “At the same time, Balta, a region on Mars to the north of the large structures and synchronously visible close upon the terminator, showed whitish. The seeing was good enough to disclose the Phison and Euphrates double (canal), the power of magnification of 310 and the aperture of the 24-inch objective. From the time it was first seen, the detached patch of light crept in toward the disk, the illuminated body of the planet. Four minutes after I first saw it, the dark space separating it from the nearest point of the terminator had sensibly lessened. So it continued, with some fluctuations intrinsic to the atmospheric difficulties of observations generally and to the smallness of the object itself (as compared to the planet), to become gradually less and less salient. It lasted for forty minutes from the moment it had first appeared to Mr. V. M. Slipher (astronomer at Flagstaff), and then passed from sight to leave the edge of the planet smooth and commonplace again.” What these structures may be and what they may be used for is a matter of much debate by experts in the field. Committee experts are presently analyzing this latest information but as of this time they do not appear to be related to any potential launch activity.

Needless to say, Committee groups kept close watch for any other activity on the surface of Mars that could possibly be related to their efforts on Earth. The difficulty of their efforts was remarked upon by William H. Pickering then working at Harvard. “To understand how the planet appears through a large telescope, we may examine the moon some night through a small opera glass. The sharpness and amount of detail visible in the two cases will be similar.” As always our Monday morning Mars updates at headquarters were packed with the latest information on the “god of war!” I for one rarely missed any of these briefings.

“Originally mankind had noticed the similarities between Mars and Earth. These similarities had led many workers to speculate that life, not unlike that found on Earth could exist on Mars. Early observations however, were only able to distinguish between three types of surface features; dark areas, light areas and polar ice caps.”

“Later clouds of various types and shades were seen in Mars’ atmosphere indicating an atmosphere but these supposed water clouds were usually small and temporary in nature. Yellow clouds were soon seen as dust storms which at times covered much of the planet. It would be to Herschel to suggest the dark areas on the surface of the planet were seas or oceans and that the lighter areas reported much dryer areas – possibly large deserts. He would later be shown to have been partly correct as all of the oceans and most of the original seas were now long gone save a few small remnants in low lying areas mostly in the Southern Hemisphere. Many of these areas were well represented in 1858 by papal astronomer Pierre Angelo Secchi. In 1863 he would publish the first color sketches of planet Mars. This war would lead scientists to understand changes over time were in fact occurring on the surface of Mars. Only later would we be able to understand many of these changes were in fact massive works by the Martians themselves.”

Published for the general public Mr. Lowell released a Committee authorized work, Mars and Its Canals. He reported the ancient civilization on Mars had produced a vast network of planet-wide covered aqueducts to move massive amounts of water from the polar caps to warmer and higher pressure areas in the low lying equatorial regions. He took special note of the work being done at Planum Australe and Planum Boreum. By this time Committee scientists had deciphered sufficient numbers of Martian documents to allow a general picture of the Martian canal work to be understood. Some actual diagrams had also come to light which had amazed all who had the opportunity to view them.


The Martians knew they were not going to be able to conquer the Earth if their attacking forces were killed by Earth organisms every time they landed in or traveled to warmer areas of our planet or cold areas for that matter if any one individual stayed too long exposed to Earth’s atmosphere in those environments. Naturally, they were not interested in short stays or half a world (Martian B Interrogation 1902-16). For the Martians it was all or nothing and I was of the opinion, along with many others, it had always been that way for them. This was their way of life. Therefore, the first step they needed to take on the long road to their next major invasion was to develop an effective anti-Earth-virus, a vaccine if you will for Martian As and any Grays they happen to bring along. During the Second Martian War we would learn just how far they had gotten in order to accomplish this critical invasion goal. For now, all we were sure of was they would keep working on the problem until a solution was discovered. And they would eventually solve the problem. We had no doubts about that.

The enemy had plenty of resources both human and Martian to develop the required vaccines and they would eventually find only by combining bio-material from both species would they eventually succeed in producing the required results. We learned later they would continue to perfect these vaccines using new “human resources” right up until the time of their next major invasion (Ref: Martian Electric Document 678EE4). They were well aware any unexpected mutation could set them back so it was a continuing ongoing process.

As the Martians continued their work, one of the questions Earth scientists were still trying to answer was why Earth’s bacteria had killed the Martians in the first place and how long it might take for them to solve this deadly problem. This was much more than a simple academic exercise. The Committee was looking for an estimate of how long we might have before Earth could expect another major attack from Mars. The ‘answer’ came back that it would take from 30-40 years after the First Martian War for them to perfect an anti-Earth vaccine. This may seem like a long lead time, but considering the amount of work we needed to do, we all understood it would be a close affair even this far removed from an expected attack. Complacency was not a luxury we could afford. Now, that is not to say that we had any great confidence in our estimates as we had really very little information on how Martians worked or even how they processed information nor how they went about scientific experimentations. What we did have were estimates on how long it might take humans to produce such works if we set about examining the problems with unlimited resources. We formed our ideas, but real information was always at a premium when it came to estimating anything the Martians were up to. In other words it was pure guess work! With this in mind we set a date of 30 years from this point as the best guess and kept our fingers crossed.

As for Martian time lines, 30-40 years in their planning schedule would have seemed a very short time period. (Our scientists had worked out that Martians live about twice as long as the average human.) We expected the Martians would do all they could to speed up the process since they were painfully aware that their fragile planet was for the most part on its last legs as far as supporting higher forms of life, at least as far as the surface was concerned. To do this they needed to “acquire more human resources” as fast as possible. Committee scientists were also quite certain that the biological problems of staying on Earth would not prevent the Martians from engaging in more ‘productive’ hit-and-run attacks. We would soon become painfully aware of that.

By this time we did know one thing for certain. In warmer climates Earth based viruses still seemed to be most at home attacking the Martian’s blood. We also knew Martian blood contains an elongated cell (10% by count) used to attack blood diseases which seemed to have been minimally effective in cooler climates but became dormant when they moved on to warmer climates. It did however; retain its ability to transport large amounts of oxygen and other vital gases to the Martian systems throughout their bodies. However, they had yet to devise the medical means that would allow sustained attacks on Earth. For that they needed allies they readily found in the Martian Brotherhood. And even though these attacks in the overall scheme of things could be well handled they did afford the Martians the opportunity to keep up the pressure and continually test our abilities to defend ourselves. This was first hand intelligence about their enemies on Earth. It was clear the Martians had yet to devote the necessary resources to launch a much larger attack thus they would not be able to hold any area they attacked for any length of time. It was perhaps an indication they had lost a great deal more during the First Martian War than was generally believed.


We all knew the Martians were very advanced in technological areas and indeed they were just as advanced in biological matters. As far as we could discover they had been able to artificially breed a sub-servant species with the traits they wanted for workers and fighters. By now we were coming to the conclusion the Martian B species had probably been a re-engineered captured life form which created a virtual slave species for their society, able to perform much of the hard work expected to keep a society moving. In a word, the Martian Bs are expendable, and to the Martians – so were we!

As we all know they had also been able to develop a hybrid of the Martian B with humans in order to facilitate their invasion of Earth (including targeted mutations of full humans). The invasion had failed only by sheer bad luck on their part, but the human/Martian B hybrids which had managed to survive on Earth after the war remained and a number of them were starting to pose problems for our recovery efforts – they would soon be known as the Martian Brotherhood (fully named “The Martian Brotherhood of the Cult of our Ancient Masters on Mars”). They had formed the world’s first world-wide terrorist organization and they were more than ready to kill “full-humans” for their Martian masters.

The original members were all hybrids that had been “born” on Mars and had been part of the 1901 Martian invasion. When they thought their masters from Mars were all dead they had a choice to make. They could chose to live out their lives on Earth in peace or they could form terrorist cells and attack the same humanity who had offered them the opportunity to live on a new planet. Most had been captured and held after the war in prisoner of war camps at a time when the possibility of war crimes trials loomed large in their futures. (Opinion had been split on whether or not they should have been designated “enemy aliens”.) However, because the “hybrid question” had been decided in their favor all were given amnesty and released upon our world no matter what they may have done or been accused of doing during the war. Clearly that was a mistake.

After release many of the hybrids decided to live in peace on Earth generally speaking, but not the ones who formed the Martian Brotherhood. Estimated at the time to number around 1000 individuals, these were all exclusively Martian hybrids, but disturbingly in later years some members were full-human. Only later did we learn there had been a number of ancient hybrids on Earth for hundreds of years and many of them were well-known historic figures. None of these ancient hybrids had any hint of their Martian background.

For some reason these new hybrids in the Brotherhood truly hated all things human. Yet, even under later intense ‘interrogation’ none of them could quite articulate exactly why they harbored this hatred. Dr. Freud and his Directorate would finally come to the conclusion it was deeply inbred, almost pathological (insane?).

These Martian hybrids showed little interest in learning about Earth’s history or becoming part of our “human” society. They wanted to transplant Mars’ failed “way of life” to Earth. When captured the more vocal Martian hybrids demanded that street signs, as well as Committee and governmental documents be published in Martian as well as Earth languages. And of course demanded children of hybrids be taught school lessons in Martian using the books they alone supplied! They also insisted the school children of Earth be required learn Martian. And of course they expected to be able to cross any “manmade border” on Earth without any documents. In other words they wanted more rights than the people who had actually been born here on Earth!

These demands would find few supporters on Earth, but the fact that some individuals in a few local governments (calling themselves hybrid sanctuary areas) even considered the possibility was most troubling to the Committee. (I for one considered it high treason.) What kind of human would actually expect a nation on Earth to add Martian to their street signs or even the signs in their stores or on products to accommodate a group of invading “enemy aliens” so as to make it that much easier for them to infiltrate and take over when the time came as their invading numbers became overwhelming? It did not take long for these hybrids to begin to demand merchants supply Martian translators for them in their stores and in the hospitals.

Needless to say, we kept a very close eye on those treasonous people who were very close to “aiding and abetting” the enemy Martians. Several had even formed an organization which produced propaganda that Earth had been a colony of Mars and thus “part of the Martian Prime nation.” “This was once our planet. We are in an effort to reconquest Earth. Anywhere a Martian goes is the territory and nation of Mars.”

Files on many of them were now being kept at Committee headquarters and they were all put on lists to be picked up when it became necessary if interplanetary war became an almost certainty. It was decided any other policy on enemy aliens would have been suicide for the people of Earth. There would be no debate on the “enemy alien issue”. They were the enemy – plain and simple. It did not take long for the Committee to set up internment camps for the more vocal hybrids even before the renewed threat of Martian invasion. That seemed to tone down the demands for increased rights for hybrids.

The Committee had received reports of criminal activities by hybrids almost from the earliest days, but after their general release just before The Grand Tribunal these criminals were being handled in the same way crimes by “full-humans” were being dealt with and as such no special attention was paid to these individuals – at least not at first. However, even before their first true terrorist attack it was clear a certain percentage of hybrids were adapting brutal criminal traits, almost pathological, as stated above, well beyond your average human criminal. Committee records showed that their overall percentage of crime was also well above “full humans” (as much as 40% higher in some areas), and it was clear some of them were forming alien criminal gangs. Even this, in and of itself, did not raise many alarms any greater than human gangs did coming from certain (well documented by the Committee) over-populated, low intellectual and uneducated groups, as the authorities saw this problem mostly as a police/civil problem. In other words, nothing to concern the Committee.

However, police and Committee records now show that certain “sub-species” (as we began to refer to them in private) of full-humans have much higher rates on average of criminal and other anti-social behavior as well; nearly as high as the hybrids! (This data was not released to the general public as it was feared the information although accurate and quite detailed might cause “civilized” groups to take matters into their own hands. The Committee had enough problems to deal with and a group of vigilantes wandering around dispensing their version of justice would be unacceptable. We were still working hard to rebuild civilization, not tear it down.) This data was however, one of the major areas taken into consideration when the Lawless Zones were designated.

There would soon be calls within the Committee to “thin the herd” when it came to certain groups of “full-humans” with demonstrated higher than average levels of crime and much lower levels of educational development. This was becoming very worrisome to me and others within our Committee as it would bring us ever closer to Martian thinking when it came to dealing with certain human groups. It was a grave concern. The Committee needed to move with great care in this area – great care indeed. More, perhaps level headed members were able to successfully steer the conversation to focus on the criminal elements within particular substandard groups rather than the entire group. Nevertheless, the Committee would continue to study and report this aspect of sub-standard human behavior in the years to come. We could not afford to simply look the other way, nor could humanity allow itself to be brought to the edge of internal destruction.

To Be Continue…..

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