Efforts to track down and capture members of the always shadowy Martian Brotherhood continued, but as everyone knows no matter how hard one works on the problems related to terrorist attacks one can never be 100% certain of success. At 12:01 p.m. 16 September 1920, that fact was devastatingly displayed when a Brotherhood bomb exploded in the center of the newly constructed Financial District of Upper-New York City. The world’s primary above ground financial center had become the latest target of Martian terrorists. It would seem that security had been tightened to such a degree in Lower-New York City that it had become almost impossible to launch a major attack on the underground facility without sustaining massive losses by the attackers. Later ‘interrogations’ would uncover this fact which had driven the Brotherhood to seek out so-called ‘softer targets.’

As the lunch time crowds began to find their way out of the offices and on to Wall Street no one noticed a slow moving horse-drawn wagon progressing towards the crowd in front of the Morgan building. The heavy wagon came to an easy halt in front of 23 Wall Street, the busiest corner of the Financial District, and the world headquarters of J. P. Morgan Bank. On this cool September day New Yorkers were about to be reminded that we were still very much at war with Mars!

Inside the wagon were 100 pounds of dynamite set inside a layer of 500 pounds of cast-iron weights scored to become small projectiles when the bomb went off. It was for all intent and purpose a very large grenade. As the clock on the Morgan building showed 12:01 p.m. the wagon exploded with such a massive blast that the horse, wagon and suspected hybrid driver simply evaporated into tiny fragments within a pink and yellow cloud of expanding fire. The explosion sent thousands of ragged slugs and other flaming pieces of debris ripping through the air for a hundred yards, instantly killing 38 people and wounding another 143. Office workers were burned six stories above the ground level explosion as windows were blown out for blocks around. Even with that only one person who actually worked at the bank was killed – a clerk.

No one killed or wounded had anything to do with the Committee or our work. Many of the dead and wounded were young workers employed as brokers, clerks, messengers and stenographers. Damage to the nearby buildings was put at more than $2 million including the near complete destruction of the interior of the Morgan building. Closer inspection however, would reveal much of the damage to the structure had been superficial and non-structural. None of the building would need to be torn down as the explosive wagon had not been close enough to do any real structural damage. This attack had been solely conducted to murder as many humans as possible.

An emergency meeting of the Magic Twelve was quickly called under heavy security where it was decided to open the New York Stock Exchange the very next day. The hybrid attack was not to be allowed to disrupt business activities any longer than was absolutely necessary. Cleanup crews were soon hard at work hailing away debris and body parts; painting and repairing damaged lights and surfaces of buildings. By 8 a.m. on 17 September Wall Street was back at work. In total the bomb attack had disrupted banking operations for little less than five hours!

As a coincidence the sons of the American Revolution had scheduled that year’s rally for 17 September on the very street corner where the blast had occurred the day before. That 17 September in celebration of the United States Constitution would see thousands of people gather in direct defiance of the attack on Upper-New York City by the bloody Martian Brotherhood. Flyers found in mail boxes in the vicinity of Wall Street stated: “Remember, we will not tolerate any longer. Free the hybrid prisoners or it will be sure death to all of you.” It was signed “American Anarchist Fighters” but it would not be long before the flyers could be placed squarely upon the doorstep of the Martian Brotherhood. The thousands who came the day after the attack gave their answer to the terrorists by showing up in overwhelming numbers.

Letters were soon coming in to newspapers from the Brotherhood demanding “arms be taken up against the power of the Committee that supports the suppression of men.” There were even letters stating that most likely the attack had been conducted by members of the Committee, which was of course quite ridicules on the face of it. Others raged against the “brutality and horror of the industrialists and the corruption of the bankers.” Yet even as these terrorists decried the so-called brutality of industrial might they casually murdered scores of innocent people in the name of their interplanetary cause. Clearly they were insane killers in the service of a brutal master from an alien planet. Tango forces were immediately called in and soon would be hot on the trail of the Brotherhood assassins. Their orders were clear and direct – “Find those responsible and execute them” – there would be no trials!

The investigators on the ground hoped one of the identified victims would turn out to be the bomber. However, it turned out the massive explosion had evaporated the driver’s body leaving nothing to investigate in that area. They were nevertheless able to discover the horse had been recently shod, but a detailed search for the blacksmith shop which had done the shoeing failed to locate where the work had been done. The wagon, which had no surviving markings on it, was found to be an old model which could have come from anywhere. The explosives were another matter entirely. After extensive work picking up every piece of debris, including every scrap of paper at the bomb site, a single partial dynamite wrapper was located and it had not detonated properly. (It had somehow gotten wet.) We later concluded the wrapper had also been somewhat shielded by some metal used as shrapnel and had thus partly survived the explosion… This paper shred led investigators to a mining company in Maine, which unfortunately had been abandoned since the war. The hot trail to Maine soon became just another dead end.

The only somewhat identifiable piece of the equipment used in the attack was a small section of a metal device with what appeared to be some type of electric wiring. Dr. Tesla’s lab was convinced this piece had been part of a remote control device not made on Earth! Their conclusion was that a second individual had set off the device and possibly the driver had not known what he was hailing when he drove down Wall Street. Not one identifiable piece of the driver survived the blast.

At that point the local investigation was handed over to the United States Justice Department’s Bureau of Investigation (BOI) under William J. Flynn. He in turn directed the effort to be continued by the General Intelligence Division of the BOI headed up by young John Edgar Hoover. The Committee would continue our work not on the bombing investigation itself, but would focus on our continuing efforts to track down any and all Brotherhood members using, for the most part – terminal force. Within days our agents were conducting raids. During one week alone at the height of activity more than 6000 hybrids were arrested in 23 states. Hundreds would never see the light of day again. 500 were executed by firing squads for “crimes against humanity.” These raids would devastate the Brotherhood for years to come.

On 2 November 1920, KDKA out of Pennsylvania began broadcasting the American presidential election results for the first time in the United States from the roof of the Westinghouse Building. Several hundred test locations were able to hear these news reports of the election of American President Warren G. Harding. The first home entertainment systems broadcast to private homes was now up and running on at least a part-time basis. Commercial broadcasting had begun.


16 December 1920

As the world looked hopefully forward to the new decade word arrived from China of yet another powerful earthquake with much wide spread destructive results. Not knowing if this was a completely natural event at the time, which was always a possibility in that area of the world, or one which had been precipitated by Martian activities, and remembering the San Francisco event of 1906, the Committee sent team members to the ground interviewing local residents. They arrived along with a series of special emergency shipments sent to several locations to aid in the relief and recovery of the area. That was the cover story. It soon became quite clear that once again the Earth had been hit by an earthquake with Martian overtones (Ref: Martian Electric Document 111D24D).

The earthquake hit in Haiyuan County, Ningxia Province, in Central China at 8:06:53 p.m. local time. On the Thomas scale it was recorded at 7.8 and was soon followed by a large series of aftershocks that would last for almost three years. The Martians were getting better at their “geologic war craft”. This event also showed they were enhancing their knowledge of Earth geology which meant we could most likely expect even larger events in the future. From Lijunber through Ganyanchi and all the way to Jingtai for 125 miles surface cracks could be followed. Large landslides were centered on the epicenter of the initial quake, which dammed several rivers and completely changed the courses of some of them. The destruction was certainly widespread as were the deaths. It was so powerful that abnormal flows and levels were observed in fjords and lakes as far away as Norway!

As before, many reports of “strange lights in the sky” were sent to the central government as well as one well documented report of three Chinese aircraft chasing an unidentified aerial craft which had been seen beaming bright orange lights in and around the Haiyuan area several days before the quake. They did not get close enough to fire on it. This was the report, which made the Committee fully aware that events of a geologic nature may be about to occur in the Ningxia Region.

Even though the damage had been extensive and the death toll had also been great, it was not nearly as deadly as in the Shaanxi quake of 1556. Nevertheless, in Haijuan County over 73,000 were killed mostly from landslides. The village of Sujiahe in Xiji County simply disappeared with no survivors under 100 feet of rock and debris. There were many others. Another 30,000 were killed in neighboring Guyuan County. Every building in the cities of Huining and Longde were destroyed. Later estimates by the Chinese government would place the total number of killed at some 240,000. Exact figures would be impossible to obtain, but these numbers would place this event as the fifth deadliest earthquake in recorded history.

For release to the general public the United States, England and China all reported this had been a very tragic, but completely natural event unrelated to any Martian activities. No reports were ever made by the Committee for public distribution indicating the Martians were involved as we continued to down play public comments by the Committee and began to push for more national reports from re-formed governments.

Even though we were never able to locate any of the seismic devices which had been deployed setting off this event the nature of the quake and the pattern of pre-quake events clearly placed this quake in the Martian category. Information on these seismic devices was still most-secret, not only because we did not want the public becoming aware of these types of ‘attacks,’ but because we were back engineering them for our use and did not want Martian agents to know what we were up to. If we could develop methods to use these devices as a potential weapon Earth forces would have one more ace up our sleeves the Martians would be unaware of. Where and how we might be able to deploy these devices as weapons we had no clues. We only knew that pure scientific research and development always had results one never even dreamed of when the work was initially started. Nevertheless, with the reports of strange lights as well as the confirmed report of a strange craft in the area it was clear to the Committee when we filed our final internal report that this had indeed been another Martian inspired catastrophe.


Magic Order MO-250
Immediate: Air fighting resources presently held or controlled by the Committee are hereby ordered to deploy those resources to areas on Earth reporting unidentified flying objects near areas of geologic concern. Objective: [Shoot-down Protocol] Shoot down any and all Martian vehicles on sight. Do not wait for further orders or confirmation. Action is to be immediate and at all costs. Reports of such contact are to be made at headquarters and in person. No written reports are to be made.



In 1799 French troops under Napoleon invaded Egypt in what must have seemed a never ending series of conquests and wars. Nevertheless, as destructive as his ‘works’ were, the invading Napoleon brought with him a small army of scientists, draftsmen and artists to not only record his brutal exploits, but to uncover the mysteries of that ancient land of sun-baked shifting sands. These men set about to copy thousands of Egyptian symbols and pictures which covered the many obelisks, temples and ancient papyruses in an effort to eventually understand what these symbols represented. Few thought at the time these enigmatic symbols were a refined language, and no one on Earth, when they were published from 1807 to 1822, would speculate the roots of such dynamic writing had come from off this world and originated on Mars! We would learn of this cosmic connection only after the ‘works’ of the Martians crossed the ethereal borders to Earth in such a brutal manor.

The beginning of that understanding came from a richly black volcanic stone cut out of a wall by French soldiers in the village of Rosetta. The so-called ‘Rosetta Stone’ had been carved in three sections using three different languages depicting the same story. The first section was written in an ancient Greek dialect which was known and understood. The second section was written in hieroglyphics which was unknown and the last section was written in a cursive variation of ancient Egyptian known as demotic which was also stood un-translated at the time of its discovery. In 1822 Jean Francois Champollion finally matched the ancient Greek letters to the hieroglyphics and thus began cracking the code. Millions of hieroglyphs at thousands of ancient sites could now be translated and read. Yet, not one of these paintings, bas-relief carvings or hieroglyphics spoke directly of visitors from Mars, at least none of those found on or just below the surface of Egypt’s vast ruins. Underground would be another matter entirely.

We came to learn the above ground writings were for public display – propaganda if you will for the masses in support of the ruling class. The important writings of science, large construction project records such as pyramids and canals, as well as contact with off-word beings were closely held secrets kept away from the public and held in well guarded repositories under the ancient shifting sands of Egypt. Monsieur Vivant Denon, who under Napoleon had original charge of the copying effort wrote, “Its hieroglyphs lend themselves to the wildest flights of imagination.” Flights indeed, as later drawings would be shown to represent flying disks and other strange aerial craft.

By the end of 1920 Committee teams had made their way through several passages built under the Giza complex, many of which had been earlier blocked by ancient debris and false passageways. And although these passages were of great interest to archeologists in general, the Committee workers had found nothing of great note along the walls pertaining to their quest for information on Martians. That is until they broke into a chamber known as Denderah. From their report we were astounded to read for the first time of a “light wired to a crude series of batteries built into large vases and wired together with copper.” The most amazing aspect of this discovery came when upon entering the underground chamber the team found themselves not in a completely darkened room, but one where someone, or something, had left a light on!

The “light bulbs of Denderah” had been burning for at least 2000 years! Power for the primitive energy system seemed to have been continuing at a reduced level due to the fact that six of the vases had broken open showing large cracks on their sides. The material had flowed upon the stone-cut floor of the chamber which had made contact with the copper wire. By this accident the entire room had been transformed into one large 25’x25’ battery.

After the team had caught their breaths and began to look around they noticed an even more shocking discovery. The wall drawings, quite sharp and very well preserved, depicted Martian Grays seemingly ‘working’ on humans who had been laid out on several wooden tables. (Two badly stained tables still remained in the room.) What work they were doing was not clear in the drawings at first, but the looks on the faces of the human subjects spoke of pure unspeakable terror, which was unmistakable. It soon became clear that the Egyptian team had discovered an ancient Martian torture chamber right in the heart of the Giza complex.

The team had also found several sealed jars. When one of these ancient jars was opened it was found to contain human body parts which had been preserved in alcohol. Before long the team could count 237 such jars which had been secreted in covered stone shelves cut into a small side room. All of these jars eventually made their way to Committee science labs. The inscriptions on the jars were copied and sent to the language team working north of New London.

The Committee also had a new team on site helping in the photographic work. National Geographic Editor Gilbert H. Grosvenor had sent a color photo team to help document the work on the Giza Plateau. Their team processed their new color glass plate images in field tents at night. They later shipped one set (they took two images at all times) by steamship to National Geographic’s New Washington Center headquarters and a second set to Committee headquarters in Lower-London. Many of these plates would later find a new home in one of the underground ‘Vaults for Mankind’ storage areas. It had become clear if and when the Martians returned they would certainly want to re-visit their ancient center at Giza.

By 1920 the “Magic Twelve” group had four new members and were now:

A – Henry Ford (1863-)

B – John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937)

C – General John Joseph ‘Black Jack’ Pershing (1860-)

D – Dr. Nikola Tesla (1856-)

E – Thomas A. Edison (1847-1931)

F – Dr. Professor Edwin P. Hubble (1889-)

G – Colonel William C. Gorgas (1854-1920)

H – Sir Winston Churchill (1874-)

I – Professor Sir Arthur John Evans (1851-)

J – Richard Achilles Ballinger (1858-1922)

K – Dr. Walter Hohmann (1880-)

L – Dr. Sigmund Freud (1856-)



MILITARY: Recommendations for submarine bases at Diego Garcia, Pearl Harbor, the Panama Canal Zone and Naval Submarine Base New London (already under construction even without final approval) are approved. Smaller bases in Sydney and New York City were also given the O.K. Military equipment production has now been generally standardized allowing for better supply coordination among nations and Committee forces. Stockpiles of weapons and ammunition are progressing albeit on a limited basis. This area needs to be addressed and sped up as resources allow. Military forces are also being rebuilt and readied as well as aircraft carriers being developed. The five prime underground Committee military bases are well along in their development and are expected to be completed within the projected time period of six years from this date. Initial occupation will begin within 24 months.

WATER: Discussions focused on protection and covering for above ground water supplies. What can be done to safeguard these areas? The only methods seemed to be camouflage and the sheer number of water supplies being developed around the world. It is felt that no matter how much fighting goes on no attack could take out all of these resources. Nevertheless, we have begun to look at the possibility of producing fresh drinking water by small facilities along the oceans. This is to be one of many backup plans set into motion. Underground water production is needed in city facilities.

MARTIAN STUDIES: The Center for Martian Studies (CMS) based in Paris published their first by-yearly report on things Martian on December 20, 1920. This report titled, A Comprehensive Study of Martians and Martian Thought, was widely distributed mostly to governments and government agencies as a briefing on what was known and what studies were being conducted on the inhabitants of Mars. Although the articles are not always accurate they were all entertaining. They have done a whole lot of guessing and many errors are perhaps understandable. We need to do better. Direct observations of the Martian surface however, has been producing very good results. There is still much to learn.

RADIO: The Committee was briefed on the work being done with so-called ‘commercial radio stations.’ The first test has been conducted out of the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Committee research at the university had prepared the “broadcast station” and had distributed nearly 100 receiving sets to test the new systems’ distance and quality of reception. At 6 p.m. on 17 February 1919 ‘radio station’ 9XM Madison went “on the air” with news reports and live music. Incredibly all of the receiving sets were able to pick up at least some of the four hour test with many hearing the entire broadcast. With the commercial radio test complete small radio stations were soon up and running in several areas. 20 August 1920 saw WBL Detroit, Michigan go on the air following by “cross town station” WWJ soon reporting that they were “the voice of New Detroit”. No more than 200 people were able to “tune into” the broadcast. In October of 1920 KDKA out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was broadcasting from the top of a factory roof daily with 6 hours of news and music. They requested: “Please drop us a line and let us know how well this broadcast is coming through.” The age of the commercial radio station has begun and with it the ability to quickly inform the people. The first radio receivers are simple crystal sets with headphones so that only one person at a time can listen in. The big job now is to build as many radio stations as possible world-wide and put as many receivers into the hands of as many people as possible. The plan is to be able to keep people informed about any news the Committee feels the general public needs to know with speed and accuracy never before achievable. If the Martians come back the people will need to be kept up to date for as long as the stations are able to keep “on the air.” In the meantime, the stations will put together radio programs of a commercial nature with a mix of shows, news, weather forecasts, music, sports and conversation. Content of the local stations will be up to the local people with no interference by the Committee until such time as an emergency occurred when the Committee will assume control of the stations until the emergency has passed. We want people to be as comfortable as possible with the new world of radio. For the time being the Committee will purchase radio “air time” whenever we need it.

BACK ENGINEERING: One generally positive note reported at the meeting was the great progress made on back engineered Martian Fighting Machines now known simply as “Martian Walkers.” Engineers have been able to find an override or as they said “work around the ground walking capability” in order to now report that they have “full control of the walking abilities of the machines”. The Committee now has 156 Martian Walkers able to move around under full human control. Now our engineers need to figure out how to work the Heat-Rays without destroying half the bloody countryside. Several times they have attempted to turn one on and every time they did the Ray would spin, mostly out of control, and that is still a very huge problem yet to be solved. The results are not pleasant.

PRODUCTIVITY: Due to the ongoing recovery, by the end of 1920 a social revolution has occurred. Interchangeable parts produced by factories around the world (above and below ground) have made it much easier to mass produce consumer as well as military products. There are now more everyday items available to consumers at least in the re-constructed capitalistic nations than ever before. In many of the now developed nations improvements in communications have helped to knit vast areas together. Newly developed typesetting machines, new page-plate processes and fast printing presses are allowing for greater expanded printing materials. New “magazines” focusing on various subjects are being published and distributed in many areas, and the publication of books is increasing at a tremendous rate. The telephone is no longer an odd curiosity in the advanced nations of North America, Western Europe, Australia, South Africa and many other areas. Less recovered areas may not have large numbers of phones, but at least they are available to use if any emergency occurred. As far as world communications is concerned we now have several overlapping systems that can be relied upon from old style cables, to radio and amateur radio and now a nearly world-wide (albeit thin) telephone system. Earth is becoming stronger and better able to keep ourselves informed. The Committee knows however, that we are far from effective on this count. In other areas Dr. Tesla reported that, “The matter of transmitting power by wireless is now so well in hand that I can say I am ready now to transmit 100,000 horsepower by wireless without a loss of more than five percent in transmission.” At the same time the United States representative was able to report that blast furnaces around the United States were producing 27 million tons of pig iron along with 42 million tons of steel each year. Increases were also expected soon.

OIL PRODUCTION/TRANSPORTATION: Oil production is now on a great upswing world-wide as is coal with more automobiles appearing on the roads around most of the developed nations. Cargo trucks are also beginning to become prevalent and are actually starting to cut into railway revenues. With more choices for transporting one’s self and ones goods, prices are falling. We are also starting to see more air transportation although passenger service is still an experiment and to say the very least an adventure, with the transportation of mail and small goods now an established fact at least over land. Our world now seems a bit smaller and a bit more familiar than it was before the Martian War. Despite a great war and many other disagreements we are coming together. We are becoming, despite certain obvious areas such as the Lawless Zones, a more united planet in cause if not yet in deed. Yet, it must be said that there is still a growing concern within the Committee that “the Martian question” is not being given the high priority that we inside know it needs. That situation still needs to be addressed.

WORLD ECONOMY: Overall the economy of the world has now stabilized as banking institutions continue to expand. Growth is shown in most areas especially in the area of consumer goods. Stable shipping lanes have greatly increased the ability to move goods. The United States, Great Britain and France are leading the way. Russia and central Africa are lagging well behind. Individuals are still moving to the United States at an increased rate with fully 1/8th of the total U.S. population now born outside of the country. Factors included the Great Earth War as well as increased opportunities within the nation. A new law set to go into effect next year will limit immigration to the United States to 150,000 a year.

UNDERGROUND CITIES: Construction of all major underground cities is on schedule and is expected to remain for the most part on budget. Newly developed natural cave facilities are well on their way as they generally require much less work in order to place them into useful conditions.

UNIDENTIFIED AERIAL CRAFT: One especially classified report to the Committee is concerned with numerous unidentified sightings of aerial craft seen over areas where flu-like diseases are randomly being reported. Investigations (CAIG) recently showed that the Martians appear to be landing infected hybrids on Earth intending to infect as much of the Earth’s population as possible. As of this time even though there have been some reports of deaths in isolated cases very few major problems have occurred, at least so far. However, medical teams are now being formed to keep track of any and all unusual outbreaks of disease possibly connected to known aerial craft sightings. In a crisis situation these teams will be dispatched to affected areas with as much speed as possible to protect the populations effected.

TANGO OPERATIONS: All Tango teams are fully manned and funded. Operations continue to track and destroy any and all Brotherhood members as possible. Tango operations continue to expand.

ROBOTS: On the robotics front Directorate C along with teams from Dr. Tesla’s labs are working on creating a fleet of “robotic warships.” Dr. Tesla stated that he wanted to “install along both of our ocean coasts [in America and other critical areas around the world], upon proper strategic and elevated points, numerous wireless controlling plants under the command of competent officers, and that to each should be assigned a number of submarine, surface, and aerial craft. From the shore stations these vessels could be perfectly controlled at any distance at which they remained visible through powerful telescopes. If we were properly equipped with such devices of defense it is inconceivable that any Martian water craft or other vessel of an enemy could get within the zone of action of these automatic craft.” Work will continue in these areas.

ENTERTAINMENT: On the entertainment side of the equation there are silent movies, soon we are told to be replaced by “talkies”, and the phonograph offers a variety of musical distractions. Both coasts of the United States as well as England and Germany are leading these efforts. United States cultural and social norms are being wide-spread throughout the world due to the influence of movies produced in the United States. They are fast becoming a powerful instrument and will lend itself to propaganda when needed for the Committee.

FOOD: Generally speaking grain sources are plentiful in most areas under Committee control and covered storage for later use is being developed in many areas. Many are being designed and built in extended tunnels, caves, lava tubes etc when available. Above ground resources for storage are being used but underground backup is preferred. Ability to protect growing crops remains a problem. Studies are being conducted to address the problem.


We had accomplished much as a somewhat united planet in the nearly two short decades since the Martians began their primary attacks on planet Earth beginning in Old London. We were indeed stronger now and certainly better prepared than we had ever been, but there was a great deal left to be done. My question shared by many others now was: Will we have enough time to properly prepare ourselves before the Martians have the ability to launch a second major invasion of planet Earth? No one at the time could answer that question, least of all myself even though I was now deep within the organization primarily tasked with answering that very question. We also needed to find ways to reach out to the Martians directly any way we could.

On another matter the Committee voted on a proposal to release a large amount of the true history of events that had led up to the First Martian War and most of the information on our efforts to bring the Martian and Brotherhood attacks under control. The vote was 11 to 1 not release the information and the proposal failed to pass. (Mine was the only yes vote.)

That information was power and the Committee was not about to give that up without a struggle. However, one thing was quite clear – we would not stop or even slow down our Committee efforts as long as our planet and its people were the prime targets of the inhabitants of Mars! War with Mars was something that no one wanted but just about everyone knew could not be avoided in the future. As always our future was very much still in doubt and much of it would be in the ‘hands’ of the creatures we had long ago named Martians.

The Earth he devised to be our nurturer, and, because it winds around the axes
that stretches through the universe, also to be the maker and guardian of day and night.
Plato, Timeaus


Copyright © R. Michael Gordon, 2020

[Next week: Part 33: We take a pause with a special download of the classified Committee Report: The Martians and the Martian War, dated December 1907 (Revised 1914).]