R. Michael Gordon’s: The Aftermath of the War of the Worlds (Part-33)

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The Martians and the Martian War

December 1907 (Revised 1914)


What is a Martian?

Directorate G

(U)Naturally, when one faces a strange and brutal foe such as the Martians the questions asked include: What exactly is a Martian? The next question asked about this interplanetary enemy is usually: How can we kill this thing? This report will confine its first notes to the former question of ‘what’.

(U)Mr. Herbert G. Wells, who would during the war, have extremely close contact with actual Martians, speculated in an article published in Cosmopolitan Magazine a few years earlier as to his expectations of what a Martian would look like. Unfortunately, despite his fine prose and those of others they all missed the mark. These early efforts however may be seen as effecting our expectations of what we were dealing with when actual Martians arrived on Earth. It is but one reason why humanity was slow in responding militarily to these first attacks.

They will probably have heads and eyes and backboned bodies, and since they must have big brains, because of their high intelligence, and since almost all creatures with big brains tend to have them forward in their heads near their eyes, these Martian would probably have big shapely skulls. But they will in all likelihood be larger in size than humanity, two and two-thirds times the mass of a man, perhaps. That does not mean, however, that they will be two and two-thirds times as tall, but, allowing for the laxer texture of things on Mars, it may be that they will be half as tall again when standing up. And as likely as not they will be covered with feathers or fur.


(C)There are at least two distinct intelligent species on Mars that may rightly claim to be Martian, loosely defined as one born on Mars from a species evolved for the most part on that planet. We have named these species Martian A, known today simply as ‘Martians’ and Martian B, known as ‘Grays.’

(C)In short Martian As are an ancient species of tentacle beings, advanced in intelligence that presents a cephalopod-like appearance. An octopus would be a close approximation of their physical appearance, but would fall well short on most other points of comparison, especially intelligence. Their primary body area is almost all head (brain) with two protruding black eyes with what appears to be a V-shaped mouth, which protrudes not unlike a short sharp beak. The use of the mouth is much debated, as the Martians do not seem to use it to normally ingest or process food. Sounds do emanate from the ‘mouth’ but it does not seem to be the primary organ for communication amongst themselves. Tentacles number sixteen, branching off in two lower bundles of eight each are present below the main body head. These tentacles may be used to ‘stand’ up on and for balance, which does not seem to be accomplished with great ease in our gravity field, as well as grasping items as a human would use an arm with a hand attached. They have no hands. They are however, very adept at using the ends of the two tentacles which are split in two for fine holding.

(C)Reproduction seems to be mostly (if not completely) asexual with offspring “budding” off the parent, somewhat like a pod from a plant. This appears to be spontaneous. This observation has led some investigators to speculate that perhaps the Martians themselves were some type of ancient animal which had mutated or somehow combined with some type of vegetation forming this later version. The debate along these lines continues at this writing, however, some late studies apparently indicate at least some of the energy required to keep the Martian As alive and well does seem to be directly absorbed through their oily brownish-gray skin from lighted sources including the Sun. More work will need to be done in order to better understand this possible photosynthetic process as it relates to Martian As. “Lighting beds” were found onboard their spacecraft, which appear to support this theory. (This technology is being studied for possible adaptation on Earth.) Along these lines there is at least one study, which treats the Martian As as some type of advanced plant life, which gained self-awareness and obtained the ability to uproot itself and now feeds on animal life. It is fascinating to speculate the Martian As are simply an advanced form of planet life. This line of thinking is clearly in the minority, but it cannot be completely discounted at this time. The possibility they are both animal and vegetable cannot be discounted as yet. If this speculation turns out to be correct then we are dealing with an entirely new type of life form previously unknown to man.

(C)The Martians are able to breathe a combination of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen and do so at many combinations using these gases in order to sustain life. There is no counterpoint known to exist on Earth. This adaptation gives the Martians a wide range of atmospheric gases to which it is able to adapt and use. Once again, are the Martian beings animals or vegetable or a combination? – Clearly more study is required in this area. The use of large amounts of nitrogen could tip the scales to the vegetable side of the equation. The adapted gases seem to be an indication of this possibility.

(C)Close examination of dead Martian As showed internal organs related to heart (small), lungs (very large), brain (very large) and a patchwork of blood vessels, not unlike other ‘animals’. However, there are no primary organs for digestion as the blood vessels seem to be able to enlarge or expand themselves for periods of time in order to absorb any nutrients which are absorbed through the skin, or by blood and other body fluids which can be transfused into their arteries or by the V-shaped mouth which can attach itself to the luckless animal or for that matter human to suck out the fluids! Most surprisingly, it was discovered that the blood of the Martian As have an anti-freeze quality to it, which in effect allows the Martians to live in extremely cold climates in which humans could not long survive. They would do well in Polar climates (Mars like conditions of which the dry valleys of Antarctica are a close approximation). It is noted that some insects on Earth have a sort of bio-antifreeze, which allow them to live at sub-freezing temperatures. With this in mind some workers feel that Martian As could be related to ancient Martian insect life. More study of these features is required to fully understand the process.

(C)There is also what appears to be a single ear-like membrane covering a small channel on the back of the head of the Martian A. However, it does not seem to be fully functional in Earth’s atmosphere thought to be due to our increased air pressure, well above what is found anywhere on Mars. It would be somewhat like a human ear underwater – useful close-up, but not well adapted to those conditions at any great distance.

(C)It has been discovered all Martian species are light adapted to much lower levels than are normally experienced on Earth. This is to be expected. Solar illumination levels on Mars are half those found on Earth. As such the Martians are well adapted to fighting in the dark, but full sunlight is a decided disadvantage for them. This is when they are most vulnerable to attack. The Martian As are also color blind and in fact see only in shades of gray! This trait does not seem to have always been the case as it would have been difficult to advance, but not impossible, to develop an advanced society without some color identification abilities. It has therefore been speculated that Martian A color blindness is a recent development and one we may be able to take advantage of.

(C)Not unexpectedly, it is noted that Martian As move sluggishly in Earth’s gravitational field because it is 2-1/2 times stronger than the one they are familiar with on their home planet. They have been seen to move slowly, almost as if they were ‘swimming’ in Earth’s atmosphere, but for the most part many As ‘wear’ machines as they move any great distances which helps them overcome Earth’s gravity. With this in mind we may wonder why they chose Earth to invade since they would need to adapt over many generations in order to “feel at home” on Earth in our elevated gravitational field. But then again these beings do plan very far ahead and it is suspected they have taken this problem into consideration in their planning. We have no hard data on this at this time.

(C)As far as population numbers are concerned there is no proper method available to date, which will allow an accurate count of the population of Martian As living on Mars. (We may locate this data on Electric Documents in the future.) However, after extensive study, interviews with hybrids, Grays and the limited number of Martian As, researchers have come to the conclusion the four inhabited regions on Mars house anywhere from 3 to 5 million Martian As. Populations presently underground may push these numbers to 6 million (about as many as the population of old London before the war). It is thought however, the limited resources on the planet will not support a population much larger than 10 million. Overall Mars is losing its ability to support higher levels of life though it is suspected lower forms may be able to survive for many hundreds of thousands of years in the future on or near the surface.

(C) One fact must always be kept in mind when dealing with the Martians. Despite their vastly superior weapons and technological skills they are not super beings by any definition of the word. In close combat they can be killed and mankind has the technology to defeat them and their machines in battle if properly massed albeit at great loss of life. It also seems the superior Martian As are almost completely cerebral beings that do very little in the way of productive physical work, rather they rely a great deal on the Grays. This is a critical weak point for the Martians and it can be exploited by our forces. The life span of a Martian A has been estimated at around 200 Earth years.


(C)Concerning the second intelligent Martian species, Martian Bs or the more familiar ‘Grays’, there is an active debate as to whether or not these are true Martians or perhaps a species from some other planet or even a large moon, captured by the Martian As and used simply for food as well as slave labor on their planet. Certainly the Martian As used the Grays for food when they traveled to Earth on many occasions. The debate also continues as to whether the Grays are ancient distant cousins of the Martian As or simply a slave species captured by them from some other planet that is yet unknown to astronomers on Earth. Captured Grays gave no information along these lines, and it is possible they would be unable to answer that question to any extent. Their knowledge of general subjects and history seem to be limited mostly to technical areas.

(C)The Grays are of a bipedal nature much closer in appearance to human beings than Martian As standing around 6-1/2 to 7 feet tall. They have a roundish and slightly elongated head, generally slightly larger than average humans. They are of course gray in appearance, hence the name. Most curiously the skin seems to be able to change color depending on the temperature or the natural lighting conditions, but always of a gray tone – blue-gray, green-gray, pink-gray and purple-gray, seem to be the major color variations. Their internal organs are surprisingly human-like and it has been suggested that these creatures may be somehow related to ancient humans. (No direct data confirming this theory as yet.) However, a more likely prospect is that they developed under similar conditions found on Earth and nature simply solved the problem of their development along the same general lines as humans on Earth. However, due to their fragile physical structure indicated by their weak muscles and thin bones it is surmised that on their planet the gravity must have been less than on Earth (65%). Indeed, with such weak muscles and skeletal structure the heavier gravitational pull of Earth seems to have killed these Grays (those not eaten) within a few days upon arrival on Earth. In fact, in most cases only after most of these Grays were dead did the Martian As go on the hunt for humans as a source of food!

(C)The most distinctive feature of the Grays one always reads about is their large almond shaped black eyes. The eyes however, seem to be set on a face, which appears to be almost naturally kind in all of its expressions. They have no iris or pupil. By all accounts, including detailed autopsies conducted by medical personnel within the Committee, it would appear the Grays are sexless. They have neither male nor female reproductive organs. It has been postulated that the Grays are not a true life form as we would define it, and are in fact what has been called “a non-living bipedal organism.” It is also noted they have no hair anywhere on their bodies, nor do they have proper noses, displaying only openings on the face, and for ears they have orifices, but nothing outside of the skull.

(S)For the Grays themselves none of them ever attacked a human that we can confirm in any way and indeed appear incapable of aggressive action despite some reports to the contrary. So whether or not they are Martian or not they certainly gave humans no reason for direct concern. They were looked upon the same way as the humans to Martian As – usable, but not worthy as they were not considered by them to be truly Martian (their words). It is interesting to note that contrary to actual data gathered since the Martian War, it was the Grays who were most widely associated with the abduction phenomenon when in fact Martian As committed all of the studied abductions. More work in this area is to be done for conformation.

(C)Grays do not digest humans. They appear to be able to digest Earth grains well enough as well as the so-called Red-Weed brought to Earth from Mars. At no time were they seen to digest meat of any kind. Any type of vegetable is used for food by the Grays and they do drink water. They do however seem to be able to breathe any number of gases used by Martian As. This is a shared Martian trait which again seems to be a general adaptation by (higher) life forms on Mars.

(C)As for population numbers, documents held by the Martians indicate there are no more than two million Grays presently on Mars. Most would be expected to be left on Mars when and if the Martian As were able to evacuate the planet. The As would no longer need them for work or as a food source if they were able to capture the Earth. Replacement of the Gray population seems to have been conducted by the Martian As in a laboratory or reproduction center using the cells of the Martian Grays and growing them in large vats and then transferring the bio-material to test tubes. Tests conducted on Earth have at this time been unsuccessful in reproducing this method, but some lines of research have shown promise. Work on reproducing Grays on Earth continues. Future tests may also include using human biological materials.

(C)If the Grays are in fact abandoned to their fates on Mars they will then become the dominate species on Mars. What this will mean to Earth’s population if the As are defeated on Earth is only speculation. However, a less hostile relationship is not out of the question.


(MS)There was one other “sub” species brought to Earth from Mars that was discovered by humans after the Martian War. These are the hybrids or Humarfidites as they came to be known. We now know they were an attempt by the Martians to breed an ally in order to attack as well as occupy Earth with a Martian/human hybrid. These individuals are also being bred at this time (we discovered) in order for the Martians to obtain vaccines they could use to protect their invading forces from the deadly diseases found on Earth, which had so devastated them during the Martian War. It is thought however, the original breeding process was developed simply to produce allies on Earth. The Martian vaccine program using a later hybrid group was only under development after Earth bacteria wiped out their invasion force. They had for a while a ready group of hosts from which to test medical developments. 

(MS)Needless to say, any attempt to breed Martian As to humans failed (non-budding method). Some massively deformed “creatures” were created according to reports, but none lived to maturity. As a fallback the Martian As used humans as nutrient sources, implanting their “buddings” into the bodies of humans until they literally ripped their hosts apart from the inside out. The entire “birthing” process took around three Martian months (six Earth months). No human torturer could have done as well. However, the process of hybridization did work quite well when Martian B material was used with humans to produce a hybrid.

(MS)The Humarfidites, known more popularly by the name Hybrids, had to have been developed over a large and gruesome series of tests and failures. We have only recently learned the truth of their development, which in and of itself was horrifying. Human subjects were repeatedly inseminated with Martian A reproductive material, which caused many bizarre and terrible mutations nothing akin to anything near human. However, by taking many humans and inseminating them they created a large pool of biological material available from the Grays to be used for the next series of developments. After a long process the hybrids began to look more and more human, which was a big plus for the Martians as they knew the closer the Humarfidites looked to normal humans the better they would adapt to the environment on Earth. They also knew that any physical differences, including basic sexual organs, could be easily hidden by the clothes normally worn by their enemies on Earth. They were not only breeding an invading army they were breeding a 5th column who could walk among the enemy with little fear of discovery.

(MS)One of the great shocks learned from our studies as we prepare for the expected next possible war is the fact the Martians have not only come back to Earth themselves to prepare for future attacks, they have also brought a good many new hybrids. These hybrids were expected to work for the Martians, but more than a few decided that Earth was their real home and have come to the attention of the Committee, mostly unknown to their human ‘ancestors.’ Many have survived and a number of them are in Executive Committee of Twelve custody to protect study and learn from.

(S)The question we must ask is: Will mankind in the far future, not anytime clear at the moment, become much like the Martians? Will we become a race of large brained yet physically weak individuals searching for a new home? And if we do, will we be any different than the Martians in our approach to succeed in our efforts to continue our species? Thankfully that question is one to be answered well into the future.

(S)The Humarfidites or hybrids look very much like humans and one would be very hard-pressed to distinguish a human from a Humarfidite at any great distance. A much closer look may have caused one to question, but not be certain one was addressing a hybrid. Hybrids have six fingers and six toes, a rarity among humans, but universal in hybrids. (Some hybrids did have the extra finger and toe removed in order to better “fit in” on Earth.) This practice is now illegal, but continues despite severe penalties for this crime. Hybrids also have their hearts on the right side of their bodies – again – rare in humans, but universal in hybrids. They are generally taller than your average so called “real” human at around 6-1/2 to 7 feet tall, although some hybrids have been somewhat shorter. They have generally thinner builds, double rows of teeth (again some hybrids had these extra rows removed) with two extra teeth per row. They also have higher foreheads, deep black hair and piercing gray eyes. It is interesting to note no matter what human sub-species was selected by the Martian As the hybrids always have a skin color, which is said to resemble a Caucasian with a medium tan and a very slight grayish appearance. The crossbreeding program seems to have overwhelmed the normal human pigmentation replacing it with something entirely new. There is one trait which also universal in Hybrids – they all have short (one inch) tails!

(S)The hybrids have become adapted to breathing a lower mixture of oxygen and a higher level of nitrogen, but not at the elevated levels seen in Martian As & Bs. They are also able to stand a good deal more CO2 in the air they breathe. Universally, hybrids are well adapted to cold weather; comfortable to temperatures nearing 32 degrees f. They also do well in warm temperatures, but not in weather above 95 degrees f.

(S)On a human scale of intelligence the hybrids are, to a being, of high intelligence, many showing genius qualities even though their areas of knowledge are firmly focused in technical areas. It is also noted although the hybrids could communicate with humans and Grays it seemed to be very difficult for the Grays to communicate at any substantial level with the Martian As. The hybrids on the other hand could not only communicate, or rather ‘hear’, some of the communications by Martian As at an audio level albeit at a very primitive level not related to written Martian, they could communicate with them on a telepathic level. In this way the Martian As held fewer secrets from the hybrids. It was also something the Martians failed to plan for as their contempt for the hybrids prevented them from understanding this basic skill. The hybrids it seems, did not inform them of this skill. This may indicate a basic distrust of Martian As by the hybrids. We can use this distrust to our advantage.

(MS)There is now thought to be a possibility ancient hybrids (before the Martian invasion) could very well be part of our population. It is also possible these hybrids descended from ancient hybrids are completely unaware of their Martian heritage. They would have no loyalty to Mars. Informing them of their ancestry is now under discussion.


(MS-CoT)There is much to attract ones concerns when the study of Martians is the issue. One of the more particularly disturbing realizations came to light only after Earth’s forces were able to capture and interrogate several Martian As during the Martian War (although none were taken alive in France or England), usually thought to have been of lower rank although we were never able to find any symbols of rank worn by any Martian. Any such rank seemed to be inherently understood. These captured Martians were kept alive by medical means, but none lasted longer than a few weeks. (The longest surviving Martian lasted nine weeks. Canadian Arctic Forces who kept it in a cold environment had captured it during the final hours of the war.) This information has been verified by Martian Electrical Documents.

(MS-CoT)The revelation, of which we speak, is their recent testing of human bacteria strains taken from our atmosphere, soil, water as well as directly from live humans, on their own species. This information was related to us by captured Martians in what could only be described as a matter-of-fact manor, which neither seemed to bother them nor did they attempt to hide this information. The Martians would simply state that one after another of their own species would be taken from the “ranks” and placed into a sealed room. Into the room would be pumped bacterial samples from Earth. The sealed Martian would be watched much as a lab rat would be observed on Earth. It was stated the Martian in the sealed room would go about its business until it died seemingly not showing any concern for its own welfare. There was certainly no concern given by its tormentors.

(MS-CoT)After the Martian was dead the body would be removed from the sealed room after it was turned into a vacuum and the subject would be dissected in a protected area to learn how it had died. Body fluids, which had not been affected by the test materials, are then used to produce the next series of vaccines. It is now speculated this is the method being used by the Martians to study which vaccines they need to develop which would neutralize the deadly effects of Earth’s environment. Eventually, they will come upon a combination which will protect them from Earth contact, but perhaps discover only the next or perhaps the next generation after that could truly live the rest of their lives on Earth in the warmer areas as the vaccine may need two full generations to fully protect the Martians in all Earth environments. This first vaccine would however, probably work for colder climates.

(MS-CoT)It should also be noted when the first Martians not to die suddenly in the sealed rooms only becoming sick there was no effort made to bring them back to health. They were simply put to death once their part of the experiment was completed. As before the atmosphere in the room was pumped out and the luckless Martian suffocated to death. Once again there was no concern for the individual Martian. Naturally, the body was then dissected to understand what could be learned from the dead Martian.

(MS-CoT)When the Martians first discovered that it could take two full generations to be able to re-invade Earth (reported by captured hybrids) – around 25 Martian years (approximately 40 Earth years), it was decided an interim plan would be implemented. It was a plan, which could, if it worked, have led to a major invasion of Earth in only 15 Martian years and at a much lower cost in Martian lives and material. The Martian lives of course were not a concern, they had plenty of extra individuals to waste, but the very limited resources of the planet are always a problem. The Martians have decided to produce a large population of new hybrids and for that they need to acquire fresh human hosts in order to “breed” the new Martian/human hybrid. (Some have called this new hybrid with both Martian A and Martian B biological material a super-hybrid.) The horrors this brought to the humans who are taken from Earth cannot be imagined by any sane person. Needless to say, they were looking for strong humans who could withstand the rigors of space flight and extended existence on Mars for the rest of their short captive lives.

(MS-CoT)At first the Martians attempted to use their human captives as a growth medium in order to breed a Martian A, which would no longer be susceptible to the bacteria on Earth (polar studies). They implanted Martian budding material, which grew inside the human host all the time eating its way out. However, time and time again they failed to grow one not susceptible to Earth virus. No matter what they did, no matter what combination of chemicals they put into the mix they achieved no long-term success. No long lived Martian able to live on Earth has been created by this method at least on Earth that we know of.

(MS-CoT)Having so far unsuccessfully breed inside the bodies of humans they have begun to research other methods of developing serums which would provide at least minimal immunity from Earth’s deadly environment, but with no success as yet. No matter what vaccines they produced from human fluids they have yet to find a combination of known Martian chemicals and human biomass, which would protect their next invasion force. The best they can manage at this time is a combination, which allows the Martian As to live from 30 to 40 days in the warmest climate, but then all would be lost – death would always be the final outcome. The only way at the moment is to develop a hybrid, which in the end would surely be less Martian and more human than would be desired. It would be a last desperate measure for their dying race. They would use some of their own material, the Gray’s material and human subjects. On a final note even though it is felt that the Martians have yet to develop this anti-bacterial serum we can expect they will succeed in the not too distant future.


(C)It has been reported in the popular press, including such notables as The New York Herald, the New Times of New London, and The Sydney Herald, that the Martians do not have a true language. This is absurd on the face of it, as how else could they have developed such a highly technical society if they did not have advanced language skills. The error in perceived language skills comes from observations from individuals who have had close contact with Martians yet were unable to either hear the high pitch sounds other than howls, much of which are above what humans can normally hear, or what they did hear made little sense to them. This is understandable when one considers how far advanced the Martians are when compared to humans. Of course no full-human can hear the telepathic communication by Martian As, even though more than one fraud has attempted to make these claims.

(U)The first ‘popular’ writings of ‘Martian language’ were taken from an unfortunate series of “spiritualist trances” by a fraud named Catherine Elise Muller written under the pseudonym of Helene Smith. Muller claimed to have been in “mental contact” with several Martians before and during the war. In her ‘contacts,’ she described Martian customs, languages, surface facilities, history, and weather conditions on the planet. However, upon closer examination it was soon discovered her version of Martian language bore close resemblance to French, which is of course her native tongue. Even though this fraud has been completely discredited there are many who still reference her ‘work’ on the subject. This is most unfortunate. There are others of course who claim to know “Martian” and to be in contact with them, all are frauds. In many nations such false claims are now illegal and can lead to stiff fines and long prison terms.

(C)The real primary Martian A language is a combination of words, phrases, and clicking sounds as well as something close to mathematical notation all inflected with what sounds much like a background tone into which the primary sounds are imbedded. It is as if two or three distinct layers of sounds have been combined into one continuous series of sounds. A musical symphony would be a rather crude approximation. When heard in its full form it truly does sound much like very complex classical music. Is this the reason why we have many ancient reports of ‘angles’ speaking as if by musical tunes? Certainly, no human will ever be able to duplicate this very advanced language in order to speak directly to a Martian. Only by using newly developed wire recording machines have we so far been able to approximate these sounds. Even after many years there is much to learn. It is well to note that at least four dialects of the primary Martian language exist, thought to be related to the four major occupied centers on the Martian surface. There is also a much-simplified language used mostly by the Grays and hybrids.

(S)As for the written word, once again we are faced with a complicated overlap. Their alphabet, for lack of a more descriptive term, consists of a series of notations based upon base 10, followed by a series of base 2 and finally based upon 1 of 4 levels that we may loosely describe as upper and lower case letters each with secondary levels (100 separate individual notations). Work on this written language is slow and as of this report some 20-25 percent of the language used in their electric documents is felt to be somewhat understood. Work continues with the aid of several hybrids under the direction of Dr. Vincent Chow and Professor Manfred Hindersing. The primary base 10 notations are in bold with base 2 in regular face. Base 2 is a combination, which in our written form is designated by underscores. An approximate example is written below.

(C)Martian language also seems to change pertaining to the time of day it is used and whom one is addressing. Martian hierarchy is imbedded within the structure of the language which may be one way social rank is acknowledged by Martian society.


(S) Much of what we learned about the long history of the Martians after the Martian War has come from Martian Electric Documents, interviews with hybrids, many of whom survived, and for a very short period of time several Grays. However, there was one very special ten-year-old (Earth years) witness who came to the attention of Earth forces during the Martian War. Her discovery was a major shock to the solders that pulled her from the wreckage of a Martian Flying Machine from which she had stowed away. We learned that the stowaway survived the voyage by consuming Martian seeds, red weed as well as consuming a single Gray, which she had slaughtered.

(S-CoT)When she was asked what her name was at first she did not seem to understand the question. However, as she went into deep thought she smiled and said, “Nova.” It was quickly realized that Nova was very intelligent and quick to learn the language of her adopted “home planet” Earth. In fact, she seemed to know a great many words in English. Her existence immediately became a closely held Committee secret for five years as no one wanted to let any information of her existence out to the Martians who were monitoring all Earth broadcasts. The great fear was they were still kidnapping humans and they may have wanted her back. She was the only pure bred human, yet known, to have been born on Mars of Earth parents to escape from Mars and make it all the way ‘back home’ to Earth. What she had seen and learned was of superior value to the people of Earth – her people – who will continue to protect her at all costs.

(S-CoT)Nevertheless, it seems she was unable to relate much of her parent’s information to questioners as she lived with a group of humans who were bred for food, and work programs, and all of them were kept in large pens. There was no standard program of learning, other than to speak (which came naturally enough) and much of that was in hushed tones. Most were clearly interested in when food would arrive and when it was time to sleep. ‘Parents’ was not a concept that Nova was familiar with, only the group in pen 14y. From Nova and other sources it has been established that at least 20,000 humans of Earth heritage are presently held on Mars and used for breeding more humans. It is speculated around 80% were born on Mars while the rest were captured on Earth and taken to the planet. (Based on large missing persons reports.)

(S)It was also discovered for Nova normal room temperatures were uncomfortably warm for her at least at the start of her habitation on Earth. She had adapted to the much colder temperatures found on Mars and it was felt many if not all of the humans presently captured and held on Mars were also adapted to colder temperatures. This adaptation was clearly shown when an early snow had fallen in London, where Nova was staying at the time, which required even the most stoic gentleman to seek comfort with his heavy overcoat, where as Nova seemed to be quite pleased to be out in the weather in a simple blouse and skirt. She seemed to be very amused at our adverse reactions to the cold weather. When a new home was needed for Nova, Finland was chosen to allow her to be as comfortable as possible on her “home planet.” She has also adapted to breathing lower levels of oxygen and is therefore well able to withstand very high altitudes without injury. It has also been noted as time passes Nova seems to be better able to adapt to warmer climates even as she retains her cold adapted abilities.

(C)Nova’s existence became known to the general public in 1906 when she was allowed to go on a field trip with her ‘adoptive parents’. However, she is still housed in a safe location guarded by the Committee. One other interesting fact about Nova was soon evident in the way Nova spoke the English language. Her use of the language (her primary tongue as it turned out) had a distinct and quite charming “old English manner” to it. It is suspected she learned her dialect from captured humans taken at least hundreds of years ago. Nova was also able to speak many words in French, German and Chinese. She understands a good many Martian words spoken by Martian Bs (Grays), but had never spoken directly to a Martian A.


(MS-CoT)There is an extremely sensitive report (Committee Report 64-02 Most-Secret CoT, 12 December 1902), which the Committee never intends to release to the general public. The only copy of this report is yet held at Committee Headquarters in Lower-London in a well-secured vault area. The report concerns the rough bio-sexual treatment of human females abducted from Earth and subsequently taken to Mars for ‘insemination’. Information detailed in this report originally came to the attention of investigators during an interview conducted with Nova, the young female who had stowed away on the Martian craft as it made its way to Earth. This in and of itself was disturbing enough, however, her statement about the ‘rapes’ or ‘selections’ as Nova stated it, of human females on the Planet Mars can only be considered as horrific in all of its details. We shall not bring forth any detailed graphic description in this report since they are fully documented in CR 64-02, however, it is to be understood the Martians used the human females to inseminate them, but not for reproductive purposes. After such ‘contact’ the Martian simply digested their female of choice by sucking out all of the body fluids, which was not done with any great speed. The Martian seems to have wanted time of ‘pleasure’ during the act of consumption. It has been suggested however, the insemination of the humans was done for the sole purpose of ‘preparing’ the food source. Sexual discourse familiar to humans does not seem to be the reason for this brutal activity. More work is being conducted on this subject in order to clarify and understand the evidence.

(MS-CoT)Confirmation of this type of activity on Mars has been confirmed by information ‘extracted’ from captured Martians by human and hybrid interrogators. This behavior was further confirmed when a captured Martian was “given a human female corpse” which was soon inseminated and digested by the Martian. The entire process was photographed for scientific purposes. The film leaves nothing to the imagination. This film will not be released to the general public and within the Committee it requires special permission from a member of the Magic Twelve to view this film.


(MS CoT)It has been established the Martians are at this time continuing their experiments on humans on their home planet. Humans are being subjected to amputations, biological testing, vivisection and other brutal experiments all without any form of anesthesia. One witness (Hybrid 133) reported on an experimental series he had witnessed focusing on human adaptation to cold weather. “To determine the human response to frostbite, human subjects were taken outside in freezing weather and left with exposed arms, periodically drenched with water until frozen solid. The arm was later amputated: the Martian would repeat the process on the human’s upper arm to the shoulder. After both arms were gone, the Martian moved on to the legs until only a head and torso remained. The human was then used for plaque and pathogens experiments.” Humans were thus murdered by exposure to cholera, anthrax, typhoid, bubonic plaque as well as many other diseases. Some of these diseases are thought to have been developed on Mars. There is a body of information that suggests that some of these experiments are being conducted on Earth by the Martians in polar or other northern regions. However, no solid or conclusive evidence has yet been verified at this time even though both polar areas have been explored by Committee personnel.

(MS-CoT)Autopsies on humans on Mars are being conducted on LIVE humans by Martian Bs under the direction of Martian As. This ‘work’ is being conducted for reasons not yet fully understood other than a suspected general scientific interest in humans.

(U)Mankind has now been forcefully removed from the pinnacle of our creation myth, becoming, perhaps thankfully, just one of many intelligent species which inhabit our corner of a very vast galaxy in an even greater universe. This new knowledge may yet become the greatest ‘gift’ we received from the Martians albeit at a very great cost.


A Brief History and Review of Martians

Directorates F & K

 (Partially based on Martian A and Hybrid interrogations*)

(S)Needless to say, the Martians are an ancient species. However, from contact with humans it was clear they would not be able to continue on what is felt to be their home planet. (There are some among the group studying the Martians who feel the Martians might have emigrated to Mars from some other world, but that specific planet was never postulated.) Scientists are also certain whether or not they were born on Mars or had traveled to that now desiccated world, they had been on Mars for much longer than mankind had walked upright on Earth. By human standards they are indeed quite ancient.

(S)Committee teams postulated that as a distinct species the primary Martians (Martian A) were somewhere from 5 to 6 million years old (many times longer than humans). We have also speculated their development has ended and perhaps they were a species on the verge of extinction. (Not unlike the Australoids on Earth with an Earth population of around 30,000 individuals at this time. It is thought that proto-Australoids were the first sub-species of hominids which branched off of the species developed before modern man at around 60,000 years ago.) Martian studies showed when the Martians were ‘new’ to Mars, around 4.5 to 5 million years ago an asteroid impacted the planet in the northern area of the Tharsis Montes volcanic plateau. This impact seemed to have done a great deal more damage than one would expect even for a large event, as it stripped away a large portion  (possibly 5 to 10%) of the remaining atmosphere as well as a large amount of water. It was speculated this asteroid had been quite large, but luckily for Mars (but not for Earth) it had been only a glancing blow – a 1 in 10 million shot! It shook the planet, stripped away a large glacier in the north of Mars, sent out a shock wave, which pulled away large amounts of water and atmosphere, but did not destroy the planet. It would seem likely the volcanic activity in the area is still ongoing due to this ancient impact event. It is likely a ring of material was blasted into orbit about the planet which has since degraded as the material once again entered the atmosphere.

(S)Without any doubt it took a million plus years for the planet to fully recover, if that is what it can be called, but at least there was life still on Mars. It is this impact event which is speculated to have been one of the causes developed into a hypotheses that primitive Martian As and Martian Bs split off, going into separate evolutionary paths. The concept of some workers is the event had something to do with the Martians segregating themselves. There were now surface workers and underground rulers. If this hypothesis is correct the evolutionary split of Martian and Grays may have happened around 4.5 to 5 million years ago. This work is preliminary.

(S)The final move to the underground seems to have been completed in a very short period of time, perhaps as little as 1000 Martian years. As the Martians built up their underground “civilization” they pulled back from above ground cities abandoning their structures as they went. Extensive ruins must now cover large areas of the low lying surface. (Not yet visible to Earth based observations.) This process continued until only four major built up areas remained on the surface, which were domed over, as now not even a Martian could live on the surface of their planet for any great length of time. Nevertheless, Martian food sources, other than Grays and humans, were still grown on the surface of Mars witnessed by the vast expanses of Red Weed and other vegetation, much of which is located along the canals. It has also been learned that much of the Martian food production also occurs underground, but the nature of this food production remains unclear. It is possible the Martians have developed advanced food sources using a combination of chemicals and elements without the need for growing as we are most familiar with on Earth. There is also indirect evidence of primitive animal life on Mars, which is bred for food in small offset areas of the domed cities as well as in underground pens. The nature of this animal life is unclear at this time. However, initial work on this question seems to indicate there are less than 1000 animal species remaining on Planet Mars most of which are now able to exist (artificially) only in underground cities or domed locations on the surface. The Martian exposed surface is now incapable of supporting any animal life beyond the level of a bacteria or very small hard shelled creatures. It is speculated that a good deal of Martian food products are produced chemically rather than being grown. The chemicals could then be absorbed either through the skin or taken orally. With their simple digestive system this method could be very successful.

(S)It is known that Hellas Planitia is the only area remaining on the unprotected surface of Mars where liquid water is stable for a few weeks out of the Martian year before freezing or evaporating. Hellas was the last great Martian Sea now mostly dried up, but still barely capable of holding water in the middle summer weeks. The last four areas on the surface of Mars presently inhabited mostly by Martian As are the two cities in the Hellas Planitia, East and West, the city on the southern edge of Chryse Regio and the city on the northern edge of the Australis Tholus. These are all relatively low laying areas, which have the highest atmospheric pressure as well as low clouds on a nearly daily basis. All four of these cities are dome covered and have at times been spotted by astronomers using telescopes which have seen flashes of light now thought to be reflections off of the city domes. No one has yet been able to spot the actual cities as they are too small to be seen with the telescopes presently available.

(S)It has also been learned these cities are connected by a series of large tunnels with some type of magnetic rail system built underground by Martian engineers. It is estimated the cities under these inhabited surface areas are approximately twice as large as the occupied surface areas. The only other built up area occupied by the Martians on the planet’s surface is on the Tharis Montes volcanic site. Smaller domes have been built on this site (not yet seen), which support the Martian launch facilities developed on the slopes of the primary Martian volcanoes. Outside of the domes the Martians need to wear pressure suits as the rarified air is well below what can support any type of Martian life at that altitude. It is suspected at no time was it possible for Martian life to exist at these high altitudes without pressure suits. (Harmful solar radiation to humans at least impacts this area directly.)

(S)As a measure of their determination to continue their species, electric documents revealed the Martians had decided to cull out a large percentage of their population – both Martian A and B. This major reduction of Martian population was conducted approximately 20,000 years ago, a critical time for the Martians who were just then looking towards Earth as their next home. It was decided Martian resources in all areas could not sustain a large population for much longer. They had limited consumables, limited natural resources and limited time. They needed room to breathe. From this point on they also initiated a zero population growth policy which meant that too many “buddings” in any one year beyond zero growth levels would have to be culled out to acceptable and sustainable levels. Incredible as it may seem the Martians simply and deliberately destroyed 90% of their population! Some 30 to 50 million Martian As were sealed off from the surface domed cities as well as the underground cities and were simply allowed to die. Records show many more Martian Bs were also killed, but the Martian records do not indicate any numbers as it was not felt to be necessary to do so. There is a Martian word for this ‘program’, which loosely translates into “The time of great loss.”

(MS)With livable viability presently fading on the Martian surface and existence underground only possible for some unspecified yet limited period of time the Martians are well aware they have only a short time to transport their dwindling numbers to another location before they become extinct. They are desperate to do so and therefore we can expect a major attack will occur in the future.


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