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Despite all of our monitoring of Mars and the cosmic destruction brought to Mars via the cometary impact, which gave us real data that the Martians were not yet ready to invade the Earth, the large number of unidentified flying object reports around the world in 1923 gave us great concern that just possibly we were incorrect in our analysis and perhaps they were indeed preparing something very nasty and very soon in the skies above the Earth.

The first reports came into our Committee offices in London on the evening of 24 March of a large aerial explosion seen and heard just south of New Paris. Mars Watch Program officers were quick to report that this had not been a smaller version of the Tunguska event or some type of test bomb by any nation. What followed was a series of unidentified flying object reports across Europe reported by thousands of witnesses and some of these were very close to or at ground level. Something big was going on in Europe.

Hours after the large explosion witnesses reported several ground level lights of red or yellow/gold moving slowly along back roads south of New Paris. They were reported to have a similar appearance of someone carrying a lantern. However, when witnesses attempted to close in on the objects (7) they would not allow approach closer than 20 to 30 feet before moving off. One witness even attempted to chase one of these “gold glowing objects on a motorized bike” but the object again would not allow close contact. After a chase of some three miles the small 3 to 4 foot object suddenly took off straight up into the air moving at tremendous speed “going into a dark gray cloud. The ‘cloud’ then proceeded to fly off in a direction not with the wind!”

UFO imaged by interceptor aircraft
UFO imaged by interceptor aircraft

It was not long before several more of these small glowing lights were seen in the South of France, west of La Harva, outside of Berlin, inside a large park in Brussels, on the water near Portsmouth, and even along several miles of the Thames River north of New London (Upper-London). It was not possible to keep these many reports out of the newspapers. (It was a sure sign that nations were continuing to gather strength at the cost of the Committee. All-in-all this was not necessarily a bad thing.)

As reports came in the Committee released a statement that all efforts were being made by Committee and national agencies to discover the cause of these mysterious lights. We also reported that “as of now there did not appear to be any cause for alarm” (i.e. not Martian). I wished I could say the same as more reports came in of these mysterious devices spotted over several European capitals, major rail intersections, shipyards and ports, military facilities and several times over and at times in the streets of Upper-London and New Berlin! We were not receiving any reports of strange lights in farmer’s fields or forests, only in industrial or related areas. This was a great concern as it seemed that the Martians (or possibly some other unknown off-planet species) were taking inventory of Europe’s major population and industrial centers. We were being watched, and very closely at that.

Needless to say, military forces around the world were put on high alert with several sending up numbers of aircraft to attempt close contact with one or more of the large devices expected to be the originating source of these small devices. For three weeks reports came in numbering in the thousands and just as suddenly as they began in Europe they vanished only to re-appear along the east coast of North America centered it would seem along a corridor from Upper-New York City to New Washington Center. Before long hundreds of reports were coming in from that area.

Overall that year alone the British War Ministry would log in over 11,000 unidentified aerial craft reports, most of them during summer months. Due to the large number of sightings over France the French government established the Group for the Study and Information on Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena or GEIPAN. This organization included an informal group of 100 volunteer investigators, mostly retired military personnel. In the United Kingdom, 10 Downing Street set up Subdivision D155 as a military UFO study and investigation group. Winston would ask at the time, “What does all this stuff about unidentified objects amount to? What is the truth? Are we talking Martians or what?” We were all concerned with that question. The Committee soon had men from CAIG working in every one of these national groups reporting directly to the Committee.

In Russia the Soviet government put together their own team of Unidentified Aerial Workers under the name “Blue Folder.” While in the United States the War Department set aside several military units tasked with tracking down UFO reports under project “138 Blue Light.”

In the meantime, the British War Ministry issued a statement. “The Ministry does not dismiss the possibility that intelligent life could exist in outer space beyond Earth and Mars, but no evidence has reached his majesty’s government to date to suggest that UFO’s have extra Earth/Mars origins.” That statement was not the complete truth. We did in fact have Martian reports of ‘others’ but these were not so much in British War Ministry files as they were in Committee files. Winston was of course fully aware of such reports.

It goes without saying that our intelligence teams world-wide were filing reports on local UFO and possible Martian activity. Reading these reports made me suspect that we were in for some sort of major attack, but not one of them gave us a hint as to where it may be. There were simply too many and they were too spread out to be of specific target value. All we could say for certain was that the activity had vastly increased and deployment of world-wide military assets to battle positions was required. Yet again, there was no expanded activity on the planet Mars that would correspond to this increased activity in and around the skies over Earth.

New reports were soon coming in. Near the southern French village of Trans-en-Province a craft, said to be oval in shape and eight feet diameter, landed for a short time just north of the village in an alfalfa field. Analysis indicated levels of chlorophyll to be much below normal in plants nearby. Two children, ages 9 and 13 (boy and girl), near Cussac, France, while herding several cows came running home when “several 12-foot devils” floated out of a craft which had landed in a nearby field. When the farmers investigated the cows were gone and a new flattened burnt area, round, was discovered nearby.

A squad of British fighters preparing to land at Yorkshire after a long patrol were followed in by a silvery-white disk-shaped object. The object maneuvered away as the fighters turned to give chase. It flew off towards the north moving at least twice the speed of the British aircraft. Across Brazil several mysterious lights were seen flying from east to west. Several times Brazilian fighters were sent up to give chase, but no close contact was made. The mysterious lights flew in a straight line for over two hours. We were receiving many more reports than we could possibly investigate. However, these reports did show the pattern of where and when these craft were most likely to operate.

It was during this UFO Flap that missing persons reports spiked. For six weeks hundreds of people simply vanished, mostly from remote farm or ranch areas, all over the Earth. More often than not these disappearances were accompanied by local UFO report to include several reports of strange craft landing in remote areas. As far as the Committee was concerned it appeared that the Martians were “replacing their stockpile of people.” Then as suddenly as it had began these reports quickly fell off until for the most part – things went back to normal.

Our problem now became one of keeping the general public at least reasonably calm in the wake of recent reports which counted some 945 known missing persons cases (multiple abductions at the same time) most likely related to Martian activity on Earth. At least on some level the Martians were proving they could still have their way on Earth and there was damned little we could do about it – at least for the time being. They were about to prove that very dramatically in Japan in just a few months. In the meantime the Americans produced an operation’s manual for the Committee which concerned the retrieval of not only Martian related materials, but addressed the possible recovery of other off-world visitors and related equipment yet to be identified.

Committee Operations Manual produced by America military forces
Committee Operations Manual produced by America military forces



Historic reports: CAIG historic files presently number some 974 unexplained aerial reports. Latest historic briefs see below.

1491, 13 August – In the book De Subtilitate Rerum mathematician Jerome Cardan of Nuremberg reported that on 13 August 1491 his father Fracius Cardan had been visited at his home by seven alien men. He stated that they were ‘Sylphs’ who had come to discuss with wise men of Earth the “books of Averroes.” Evidence would suggest possible contact with ‘Grays.’

1608, August – Wave of sightings over southern France. In the skies over Martigues residents reported an aerial battle and the smell of sulfur. Over Nice three “luminous vessels moved with high speed over the city.” All three of the aerial craft held a position over the fortress before going into the sea causing the water to boil. Red vapor was seen. Two human-looking gray beings in suits connected by hose to head gear worked on the craft on the water’s surface for several hours. Over Genoa aerial combat was witnessed as three flying objects battled two craft emerging from the sea off of Genoa. Soldiers manning the guns at the fort fired 800 rounds at the craft driving them off. Dozens of people are reported missing from each of these locations as well as several other areas.

1612, 3 July – Over 100 witnesses reported witnessing a battle in the sky over central Switzerland. At least “two sky armies with bright shields fought for over three hours above the plains of Switzerland.” “Both armies displayed bright beams of light hitting each other’s shields.” Burn patches were later reported in several areas around where the battle was seen. At least three strange metal “shields” were recovered the next day and are reported to have been taken away by soldiers dressed in all black. (Location of shields?)

Recent reports: During the past week ending 11 April CAIG recorded 732 unexplained aerial reports over the northern hemisphere. Selected sighting briefs below.

8 April – Lakebay, Washington: Reported a large black aerial craft hovering above the lake. The surface of the craft was glossy with a smooth bottom like glass. It had a humming sound coming from it as it hovered. Close witnesses reported that their bodies seemed to vibrate especially their teeth. Sighted for twenty minutes before “the object took-off in a burst of speed heading east.”

9 April – Fond du Lac, Wisconsin: A group of hunters reported a craft had landed near the woods outside of town. Witnesses reported seeing no protruding devices coming off of the triangular craft. As they neared the silvery craft it took off slowly, appeared to turn north and left the area with great speed. A shock wave in the clouds remained.

10 April – Kent, England: A bright green light was seen to hover over a small farm near Kent at 11 p.m. by four workmen walking home from a local pub. Locating a nearby constable the five men continued on to the farmhouse finding an oil lamp lit, door open but no one inside. The fireplace was hot, but no fire was present. None of the four members of the farm family have been located as of this report.

11 April – Osaka, Japan: Fishermen some 30 miles off the coast witnesses “several craft rise out of a turbulent sea.” A photo was taken of the craft as nine of them flew over the fishing boats.

o Unidentified aerial activity has once again been strongly noted over southern France and northern Italy. There has also been a continuation of much higher than average missing person’s reports in these areas. Martian involvement is suspected. Generally world-wide there has been a spike in observed unidentified aerial craft. Military headquarters world-wide have been advised of the increased activity.


The Great Kanto Earthquake

1 September 1923

“Island of Bonin Group reported vanished, together with Mismia Island and its volcano.”

New York Times wireless report

On 1 September 1923, a date long to be remembered in Japan, Earth was once again hit by a massive Martian induced earthquake. The war with Mars was on a slow simmer. Once again there was nothing mankind could do about it and once again the losses to life and property had been severe. By now however, there were no doubts about who, or rather what had been the cause. It was critical to insure that the general public was not made aware of the actual cause of the event.

The main event hit the Kanto Plain on the Japanese main island of Honshu at 11:59 a.m. local time. It was Saturday morning, soon to be remembered as the most destructive day since the 1901 Martian invasion. No one in Japan at the time could know that this event was simply a continuation of that devastating war being revisited on the people of that region. This was the most deadly earthquake in Japanese history.

As with the 1906 event in San Francisco, the local people were able to report unidentified aerial activity in the area just before the quake hit. By now however, people around the world were reporting so many of these sightings that it was becoming difficult to say which series of events in the skies over which areas would lead to geologic events, even though we continued to keep a close tab on the situation.

The magnitude of the event reached 7.9 on the Thomas scale, with a focus very deep beneath Izu Oshima Island situated in the Sagami Bay. At least seven fishing boat crews in the harbor near the island witnessed no fewer than six unidentified aerial craft (certainly Martian by description) swoop down from the clouds which had formed firing “several blue/green aerial torpedoes into the sea.” The result was a massive rupture of the Earth at the Sagami Trough during local lunch time. The shaking would last a full four minutes with devastating results.

Kanto Earthquake
Kanto Earthquake

The few buildings in Tokyo, nowhere near recovered from the First Martian War, were once again flattened. The surrounding areas of Chiba, Kanagawa and Shizuoka had widespread damage and the port city of Yokohama, the primary recovery port for Japan, was rendered useless. Yokohama had been part of our original Ports Recovery Program. We would now have to start over again at Yokohama. Efforts would now shift, at least for a while, to the much smaller port facility south of Yokohama at Nagoya. Despite the widespread damage it soon became clear that the newly built underground facility in Tokyo, small by Committee standards, had held up very well. It would soon become the central clearing house for local recovery. Several cave projects were also damaged but none were completely destroyed. In fact most had held up quite well.

As an indication of the sheer power of the event we received a wireless report that the 93 ton Great Buddha Statue at Kamakurg, some 37 miles distance from the epicenter, had “moved nearly two feet!” Other wireless reports were soon coming in from the few sources still operating.

“Numerous villages along the coast of the Japanese Peninsula south of Yokohama, where many foreigners were spending the summer, were washed away by the tidal wave that followed the earthquake.”

“Nothing can be seen of Mismia Island, the volcanoes on which was reported on Monday to be in violent eruption, and it is believed to have disappeared.”

“The latest news received here by way of the Tomioka wireless station, 150 miles northeast of Tokyo, indicate that the catastrophe in Japan equals the worst apprehensions.”

“In Yokohama the Government oil tanks, exploded and the whole city was set on fire. The deaths alone there are still estimated at 100,000. All bridges across the river in Tokyo, which were densely crowded with refuges from the fire, collapsed during the later earthquake shocks and many thousands were drowned or killed by the fall.”

“The University Hospital was destroyed and more than 700 patients perished.”

“All the hill suburbs of northern Yokohama have been destroyed by earthquakes and fire, and there seems to be no reason to doubt that the foreign quarter on the bluff has suffered a similar fate.”

“A tidal wave, with heavy damage and many vessels lost, was reported from the bag of Suruga. Fires had broken out in towns as far as eighty-four miles from Tokyo and the disaster appeared general all along the east coast of Japan.”

Similar to the 1906 event, much damage would be done by the fires which would rage for days after the main event had struck. Many people were fixing their noon meals which were mostly being cooked over open fires. As the rumbling continued many small and eventually large fires began which expanded to devastate much of the area. Some of the larger fires in Tokyo and beyond developed into self-consuming firestorms which caused the road tarmac to melt and trap people when their feet became stuck. Thousands died in this manner. We would later discover that the single greatest loss of life occurred when one of the firestorms surrounded and overtook the Committee Clothing Depot at Rikugum Honjo Hifukusho. 38,000 people had taken shelter in the depot following the earthquake only to be completely incinerated by the firestorm which consumed the entire depot and all of the people trapped inside.

As in San Francisco the quake had broken many of the water mains which allowed the fires to rage for days. In all some 183,000 people lost their lives during this Martian caused disaster. It was a staggering loss to the area which was just now recovering from the war with Mars. The Martians had learned much since 1906 as some 447,000 buildings were also destroyed. Their timing had also been better as this attack occurred just as a strong typhoon was crossing Tokyo Bay. It would be the powerful winds pushed by the typhoon which would help drive the massive fires which had spread so rapidly across such a vast area.

At the same time the earthquake had induced massive landslides in the hills and mountains along the coastal areas in western Kanagawa, which instantly killed well over 800 people. A massive landslide which collapsed a mountainside near the fishing village of Nebukawar pushed the entire village into the ocean along with a train carrying over 100 people, which had been passing the village as the Earth erupted. Tsunami waves up to 40 feet high were soon hitting the Sagami Bay, Boso Peninsula, and Izu Islands killing thousands along the shore, including 100 alone at the beach near Yui-ga-hama in Kamakura.

Despite the massive damage the new cable system had survived. United States Ambassador Cyrus E. Woods sent a cable. – “Embassy buildings totally destroyed, but no one in embassy injured. Food situation is very acute. Send rations at once from Philippines. Yokohama completely wiped out.”

Along with stored supplies of all kinds the Committee also lost the aircraft carrier Yokosuka which had been the unfinished battleship Amagi. The Amagi was being converted to carry aircraft when it was destroyed by the quake. Martial law was soon ordered by the Home Ministry as the work of recovery began anew.

The New York Times – 5 September 1923




Devastation Covers Hundreds of Miles

At least five big cities have been almost wiped out

OSAKA, Japan, Sept. 4 (Associated Press). – So vast an area of Japan has been devastated by the greatest earthquake in the history of this country that it will be long before the actual loss of life is known.

Tokyo and Yokohama, with surrounding towns, which formed the centre of the disturbance, are almost completely in ruins. For two days Tokyo was swept by flames, and, apart from the loss of life caused directly through the falling of buildings, thousands must have perished in their attempts to make their way through the fire zones and other thousands through exhaustion.

Yokohama, Tokyo’s busy port, is a city destroyed. Probably more destruction has been wrought there than in Tokyo itself for its great docks were torn asunder, its shipping wrecked, its public buildings and homes leveled to the earth.

A great explosion has occurred at Owakidini, in Hakone; one of the hot springs of Japan, located about fifty miles from Tokyo.

Earthquake shocks continued at intervals around Kawaguchi, which is on the only railway open out of Tokyo. The shock of yesterday morning, followed by fires, wiped out Kawaguchi.

Troops of the Fourteenth Division at Utaunomiya and Thirteenth Division at Takata were marching toward Tokyo today.

New Islands Arise From the Ocean

Details of geographical changes are lacking, but it is reported new islands have been forced up from the bed of the ocean, while whole sections have disappeared. Rivers are said to have changed their courses and volcanoes are erupting in various districts.

Because the Martian seismic devices had been launched into the ocean there would be no way to recover them for study. This was a disturbing turn of events. If the Martians continued to fire these devices into the ocean there would be no method we could use to disarm them now or in the future. Our forces now training for just such a job would be useless!

Clearly we were still at war with Mars only this time we were fully aware of that situation even though most of the world was not aware of that deadly fact.


On 9 November 1923, we heard the news from Munich, Bavaria, of a “beer hall revolt”. For some time we had been receiving reports by Committee operatives of serious problems within certain political groups in Germany vying for what power was to be had. That was not unusual in Germany at the time however; this rather small group led by some radical leaders was one of the more vocal. It was reported that German General Erich von Ludendorff and an Austrian art school reject named Adolf Hitler had burst into a well known local beer hall called the Bugerbrau Keller to confront the Bavarian dictator Dr. von Kahr. A few shots had been fired into the ceiling in order to command attention. At that point 34-year-old Herr Hitler (real name of this rather funny-looking chap is Adolf Schicklgruber) declared himself to be head of the Bavarian government and further declared himself Chancellor of all Germany. General Ludendoroff was immediately named Commander of the German Army by the new ‘Chancellor’. Hitler would state, “We have reached the turning point in the history of Germany and the world. God bless our work.” This chap seemed to have a rather inflated opinion of himself. More than a few openly suggested that perhaps young Adolf a draft-dodger who finally found his way to the Great Earth war and an Iron Cross First Class had partaken of too much beer hall refreshment before the revolt!

Before long Herr Hitler’s so-called “storm troopers” had control of the city as “Chancellor” Hitler and “Commander in Chief” Ludendorff took their seats in the War Office. They soon declared that the much hated Treaty of Versailles which had ended the Great Earth War was dead. Not taking any of this as a joke, it did not take long for the Bavarian Reichswehr (military) to storm the building and take both men along with several supporters into custody, as the beer hall revolt was crushed with few casualties. They had moved so fast that Committee forces did not have the opportunity to support their work. In fact it was all over before we received any reliable reports. This was a 100% German military effort.

A trial for high treason was soon convened and Schicklgruber along with several others soon found themselves in full command of a small prison cell. However, it is unlikely that this is the last we shall hear from ‘Herr Hitler’. He was one individual the Committee needed to keep a very close eye on. “This fellow is crazy!” A file was quickly started which was destined to grow quite large. “Among his characteristics are fanaticism, mysticism, ruthlessness, cunning, vanity, moods of exaltation and depression, fits of bitter and self-righteous resentment, and what can only be termed a streak of madness; but with it all there is a great tenacity of purpose.” We also had a copy of a book, if one may call it that, Schicklgruber titled “Four and a Half Years of Struggle against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice.” It is a poor read to say the least.

‘Herr Hitler’
‘Herr Hitler’

Overall, Germany would need to be looked at closely as well as Communist Russia now the USSR (since 1922 the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). Additional Committee operatives were soon on their way to both Germany and Russia to obtain as much information as they could on the situations within these troubled nations. No one officially suggested expanding the Lawless Zones to include those areas yet, but the matter was discussed at the highest levels. At this point it could have gone either way, but since neither had attacked nations beyond their borders it was shelved for the moment. Nevertheless, high level Committee officers were also sent for face-to-face meetings with leaders from these two countries in order to keep ties open and to let them know of our grave concerns.

Reports out of the Soviet Union (USSR) were becoming brutal in the extreme. A new group had been formed by the top leader formally known as the “All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage,” Cheka for short. This new group under one Felix Dzerzhinsky was a sort of political police with a propensity to execute just about anyone who strayed from the party line. The party propaganda paper reported, “Without mercy, without sparing, we will kill our enemies in scores of hundreds. Let them be thousands, let them drown themselves in their own blood.”

In one smuggled report it was clear that Cheka operations had captured several hybrids, strapped cages full of starving rats to their bodies which had been tied to tables and allowed the rates to eat through the hybrids stomachs in their efforts to escape the cages. It was not long before the Cheka were using this method on ordinary Russians.

We all knew that for the most part the Martians would kill just about anyone but this was beyond anything I had ever seen or read about the Martians. Mankind was certainly showing by these and numerous examples that we could be just as brutal, and even more so than our enemies from Mars.

While all this was going on many of us were working hard putting together the International Radio Week tests conducted in November of ’23. During the week several individuals and organizations were able to exchange signals across the Atlantic demonstrating that our new tool of (voice) wireless radio was becoming stronger and more reliable. At the same time around the world many others were able to tune into transmissions from several sources, some as far as a half a continent away. It was nowhere near what we would eventually require, but it was a good test and it showed that we were in fact becoming stronger.


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