[PART 46]

More Amazing Discoveries in Egypt

July 1929

As the sands of Egypt continued to slowly reveal her ancient secrets more often than not we found ourselves confronted with the reality that man’s destiny on Earth had been greatly influenced and at times directed by beings not of this world, and as it would become apparent not always by the efforts of Martians alone. Nevertheless, it appeared that much of this off-world interference had indeed come from the hand, so to speak, of a Martian. We were to discover that the complex at Giza appeared to have been the central focus of their ancient work.

The Giza report delivered to the Committee in July of 1929 in the Mars Room easily held the attention of all who attended. It was of course a secret meeting as what we were to learn had much effect on what had been “known” of man’s history in general and Egypt’s very specifically. Only later would we release information to the general public and even then it was to be sanitized.

From newly discovered underground wall paintings, many showing hybrids in command positions, as well as translations from a small but very well preserved underground library under the Giza complex we learned much that would either change what we thought we knew about Egyptian history or answer some of the questions long discussed by scholars. One was how the Egyptians had built the pyramids of Giza.

The “sky people” had provided much technology to ancient peoples only to remove much of its evidence when they departed the Earth. Two of these secrets involved the ability to somehow soften the giant stones to shape and mold them to perfect shapes needed for construction of massive buildings and the ability to somehow levitate or make weightless in a small zone, these huge stones with what was called an “orange beam device from above.” Another advancement used alongside the molding process” was a large cutting and polishing wheel said to be some 25 feet high set into the stone holder from which it was spun and rolled forward to cut into the massive blocks. In fact, the wheel mounts (three of them) were found near the facility years earlier but their use could not be guessed at until we learned about the huge wheels set inside which must have looked like the world’s largest saw blade.

We also learned that in order to cut into these massive blocks the builders had lined the cutting wheels with diamonds! Even with these documents it would have been difficult to believe this story if it had not been for the discovery six months earlier of a seven foot rounded section of one of these cutting wheels. And yes, it was still embedded with some of the finest diamonds they had ever seen.

The team had also located what appeared to be some type of food production area under the facility. Upon close examination it was found that many of what looked like large stone vats had held some type of blue/green algae. How and why these people were growing blue/green algae was not known at this time. It is not suspected that the ancient Egyptians used this material so if anything it had something to do with the hybrids or the Martians themselves.

Martians and Egyptian hybrids

From the newly translated documents discovered a few years earlier we had learned for the first time that several Egyptian leaders, thousands of years ago, had actually been taken to Mars! Although the scrolls do not go into great detail they do relate that the “sky voyage to the god of Mars lasted a few months.” From what could be learned there was much work in the creation of hybrids both on Earth and when these ancient Egyptians were on Mars. The Martian hybridization program had been a two planet affair for many years.


It had taken years, but we finally had all three abandoned Martian tunneling machines working (never used by the Martians on Earth) and I must say that these 500-ton rock-boring machines worked magnificently. After being disassembled, the Committee sent one each by cargo ship to New York City, London and Sydney and they were soon speeding along creating about one mile of tunnel per day – for each machine! With these new machines working, added to our smaller Earth built versions, the Committee now had high expectations that all of our primary underground projects would indeed be completed before the next expected major attack from Mars. (It was still thought to be possible around 1935.) In the areas where the large Martian machines were in operation we could now use some of the smaller machines to cut into the rock to produce the “buildings and offices” offset from the main tunnels.

We had made our plans to build underground not knowing if we would ever be able to eventually use these abandoned machines left by the Martians. Nevertheless, now that they were operational our work would progress much faster and if our estimates of Martian war plans were anywhere near accurate we would not only finish our underground work at these three primary locations, we fully expected to send all three of the machines to other important locations in the near future. These machines could now be added to our own many, but much smaller, tunneling machines which had been operating for years.

On 17 December 1929 we received a report from one of our Secret Intelligence Service operatives in Brazil of a strange power failure at their new Uberlandia power station. Five days earlier at around 3:15 a.m. the automatic override system suddenly disconnected the link and shut down power to both main power trunks. Within seconds a technical aid at a substation 50 miles to the south called to report that a large unidentified object had just flown over his station and all of his automatic safeguards had been disconnected. The unidentified object was heading for Uberlandia as the technician re-set the safety keys only to have them disconnected a second time almost at once. After the second disconnect the Uberlandia power station reported that all generated power systems were being drained of energy! Going outside several members of the power station staff were able to see the craft less than 100 feet from their building as a beam of bright light was “pulled from the power station before the craft took off towards the south.”

Committee investigators later surmised that the craft, identified as Martian, was somehow recharging some electrical storage system onboard their craft. Tesla and his team were notified and began to work on plans to “protect the power grid from Martian attacks.” That would turn out to be a rather tall order. We also had other more down to Earth questions to think about. Why did the Martian crew feel the need to drain energy from one of our power plants with all of their sophisticated technology on board their spacecraft? Were some of their systems failing or were they not nearly as advanced as we had been led to believe? This one went into the books as unexplained.

By the end of 1929 the American government, now leading the world in wireless, could count some 10 million households with simple radio sets. It was not nearly enough, but we had come a long way since 1922 when only 60,000 homes had primitive wireless sets so it was a very good start. The Committee needed to find a way to make ownership of radios as cheap and easy as possible and this needed to be a world-wide program not just in the fast recovering United States. The world needed radio and they needed it as fast as we could set up the stations to bring it to them. In order to expedite this effort the Committee set up a special group to fund new radio stations as well as local in country businesses to build and maintain small cheaply built radios. Keeping people informed was still near the top of our list of priorities worldwide. On a related note I recall that at about this time many individuals were building their own so-called “second generation” radio sets. These new “Tuned Radio Frequency” sets (TRF sets), were becoming quite popular, and if one was not disposed to built one’s own they were now readily available for purchase in most cities. With two tuning knobs and a reaction adjustment they had to be carefully set in order to receive a somewhat clear signal. I for one would wait for the next generation of radio before I put out any cash for a personal radio.

As 1929 came to a close Dr. Robert Goddard published for the general public his monograph titled: A Method of Reaching Extreme Altitudes. This work went well beyond placing payloads into Earth orbit and suggested that a well built multistage chemical rocket could in fact make it all the way to the moon. Wide attention was forthcoming. Once again we were informing the general public of progress we were making even though this work had been completed years earlier. No sense in giving our enemies on Mars any truly updated material. In fact, we wanted them to believe that we were progressing a lot slower than we actually were. We knew however, that we needed to show at least some progress – none would have seemed a bit suspicious.

What we did not announce was the test of a small ‘computing device’ which had been launched on one of Dr. Goddard’s rockets. This card-punch device was able to control the flight of the rocket even without the gyro controls which were turned off for ten seconds during the test. In rockets and control devices we were making some very good progress.

Empire State Building Construction

January 1930

With many of the below and above ground building programs well on their way a group of investors led by John J. Raskob and Pierre S. du Pont decided to build a signature building in the now semi-recovered Upper-New York City. This was being developed not only as an investment (of which the Committee had supplied some 30% of the original funds), but to demonstrate to the world that mankind had indeed moved on from the Martian and Great Earth Wars and were still quite capable of once again doing great things. This building was to be designed and built as the tallest man-made structure on Earth.

Searching for an appropriate building site, one which would not overlay any underground city L-streets or facilities, led general contractor The Starrett Brothers and Eken and architectural firm Shreve, Lamb and Harmon to a decimated site on Fifth Avenue or at least what remained of Fifth Avenue in the heart of the old city. The entire block, originally the old family farm owned by John Thompson, had been occupied by the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel complex owned by Col. John Jacob Astor before the First Martian War, now completely destroyed. This had been a great loss for the city’s well-healed crowd as before the war a group known amongst themselves as The New York Four Hundred, essentially New York City’s social elite, had claimed the hotel as their unofficial headquarters and private playground. They were then called the “Waldorf Crowd.” The Empire team had found their building site.

Working at top speed chief architect on the project, William F. Lamb and his team completed the working drawings in only two weeks! On 21 January 1930, excavation began on the site at 34th Street and Fifth Avenue. By 17 March which happened to be St. Patrick’s Day, construction began on the world’s tallest building. New York City newspapers took time to note that the Martians were not building any great new projects on their home planet as far as we could tell. (In truth we could tell very little at the time, and would later find that in fact the Martians were quite busy but it did make for great press.) They stressed the point that we were still progressing as the Martians seemed to have stagnated. They also took pleasure in reminding the public that despite the massive attack on Lower-New York City the year before New York City both above and below ground was not about to stop work on recovery and advancement.

During the 410 days the men of Upper-New York City took to build the world’s tallest structure some 3,400 workers could claim with a great deal of pride that they had worked on the project. Working alongside the New Yorkers were recent immigrants from the destruction of Europe and hundreds of ‘high iron’ workers mostly Mohawks from the Kahnawake Reservation near Montreal, Canada. (Montreal was still recovering, but for some reason the Martians had missed the reservation.) In all, considering the massive effort, it was truly amazing that ‘only’ five workmen would be killed during its construction. To speed up the construction large so-called ‘sub-assemblies’ were put together off-site and trucked to the building site to be included in the building as construction elevators hummed day and night. During the peak of work the teams were completing one floor every day! It was truly an astonishing rate. Only two years after its completion movie goers could gaze upon the new building in a movie featuring a large ape named King Kong as the huge beast made his last stand with his diminutive lady love.

It is interesting to remember that even while this work was being completed, work was to continue on the new Chrysler Building and 40 Wall Street projects. There was a lot of ‘high iron’ work going on at the time, which kept the economy of the still recovering new city booming.

On 31 May 1931, the Empire State Building was officially opened when United States President (and Committee Prince) Herbert Hoover pushed a button in the newly completed White House (below ground sections) which turned the lights on from his office in New Washington Center. The above ground White House building itself had been reconstructed soon after the First Martian War – rebuilt on the same site which had been mostly destroyed all accept the north face of the building. That wall had since been re-enforced and was used as the starting point for the reconstruction. From all appearances it was an absolute duplicate of the original structure due to hundreds of photos taken of the original being used as well as detailed plans of the original structure. What had taken so long to complete were the new underground sections of the new White House which covered nearly twice the area of the above ground structure to include two miles of tunnels which could be used to evacuate if the need should arise.

Once again “the people’s house” was open for business. Interestingly, that original north wall section had been painted in a slightly off-white color in order to separate it from the new construction. The people wanted to be reminded that not all of the original White House had fallen to the Martians. It is also noteworthy to learn that there are also two burn stains on that very same wall section left there from the time the British came to town and set the White House on fire.

When completed anyone in New York City, upper and lower, including the 20,000 people who by then called the Empire State Building their home or workplace, could tell you that their new feature building rose to a new record height of 1,453 feet and a little over 8-1/2 inches above the street level with 102 floors. The first building in the world with over 100 floors the new structure sported a series of radio (and later TV) antennas on top with a lightening rod at the pinnacle. Just below the pinnacle was constructed a docking portal for lighter than air ships.

All of these facts and figures were proudly discussed as New Yorkers continued to rebuild their city both above and below ground. What was not widely known and was in fact a state secret at the time was the rotating beacon light positioned at the 1,400 foot level. It was not the beacon light itself which held the secret, anyone with a pair of binoculars during the day or simply looked at the building at night could have seen it. No – the real secret was what would be built into the top of the building behind the beacons which were in fact built to cover the secret project. The Committee under the direction of Nicola Tesla had been developing a powerful Heat-Ray weapon back engineered from Martian Technology which would eventually sweep a full 360 degrees and fire its deadly ray some five miles to any target which happened to come its way. The weapon could also move up or down to fire almost 45 degrees out of level plane. If the Martians came back to Upper-New York the Empire State Building would be ready to deliver a very nasty greeting!

Before we had completed the work in New York City however, it would be the Martians who would deliver a surprise to us along the cold shores of a frozen lake in Canada, and at the same time we would pull a scientific wonder out of our back engineering work on their machines.

Another Martian Secret Discovered

“Spooky action at a distance”

Dr. Einstein

To say that it was a scientific shock would be a great understatement. It was in fact the overturning of physics on its head. Even though we had several earlier reports from not only hybrids and captured humans but from several Martian Bs themselves, we still found it difficult to believe that the Martians had discovered how to communicate over vast distances instantly. In other words faster, much faster than the speed of light (Ref: Martian Electronic Document 41L26, 41L27).

Even when we captured the new machine the Martian Brotherhood had been given to communicate with the ‘Guiding One,’ we still had trouble accepting that instantaneous communication over millions (and probably hundreds of billions) of miles of space was even possible. But damned if it didn’t turn out to be the exact truth. It had taken the recovery of a second machine from a crashed Command Martian Flying Machine that had been located in a dense jungle in Brazil which allowed our people to use these devices and discover their capabilities. The Martians were so advanced that they had discovered how to communicate with each other instantly even if one of them was sitting on Mars and the other was orbiting the Earth. Einstein would eventually call it “spooky action at a distance.” When Drs. Tesla and Einstein worked out a partial solution they called the Committee executive staff together to tell us the exciting news. Dr. Einstein who by this time had moved to Princeton University even as he maintained an office at the Committee spoke first.

“Gentlemen, I would have thought only a few weeks ago that any type of communication or for that matter any form of information transmitted in our four dimensional space-time could not be transmitted faster than the speed of light. We must now come to an understanding that as Newton’s laws of gravitation were overtaken at high energies and high masses with relativity so relativity has been overtaken by advanced quantum forces understood and displayed by the Martians. There can be no doubt that the Martians are capable of using instantaneous communication over extreme distances which may in fact have no limit. Dr. Tesla.”

“Thank you Professor Einstein. Gentlemen, let me begin by stating that without the help of Dr. Einstein and Dr. Bohr I would not be able to address this group today, for I would be no further along in this particular work had I not received the generous help and guidance of these two great thinkers. Having said that allow me to explain as best one may what we have discovered.”

“With the help of Martian Electronic Documents, two of these devices, and years of back-engineering work, we now have a fundamental grasp of how this ‘magic’ is worked. Imagine in your minds, if you would, a pair of atomic partials electronically linked very closely to each other. One of the partials spins left and its matched atomic partial spins right. Now imagine five such matched pairs of particles with one group spinning left and the other group spinning right. Now place all of the spin-left particles in a very cold electronic containment field in which all five spin-left particles are in separate zones and that they are monitored electronically. This monitoring was displayed as lights on or off and since all five individual particles are in spin-left configuration the indicators are all off, or if you will, showing ‘zero’.

“Now in your mind do the same for the spin-right particles and their indicators show all are on or indicating a ‘one’. (Spin-left is off and spin-right is on.) Now remove the first containment device now reading 0-0-0-0-0 to a distant location; perhaps a distant planet. The Martians understand two linked properties of these particle pair sets. First, they are still connected particle pairs in space and time as if they were still close to each other in some way that we do not as yet understand. Second, when you change the spin on one of the matched particle pairs the other matched particle pair instantly ‘flips’ its spin exactly opposite of its matched particle even though it is located at a great distance and has no direct contact with that particle – instantly!

“Now, in order to send instant information the Martians must change the spin of the particles in one of the devices, now reading 1-1-1-1-1 to effect the second device now reading 0-0-0-0-0. By using a simple binary code (1 or 0) the Martians, in order to send information, say the number 27, simply change the spin of the first particle (reading from right to left) to 0, the second to 0, the third is left unchanged as 1, the forth to 0, and the fifth to 0. It now reads 0-0-1-0-0. Instantly the device on the other planet will indicate 1-1-0-1-1. In binary code 11011 = 27! They would have in fact instantly sent, by some as yet unknown cosmic agency, five ‘bits’ of data which can be read as the number 27.

“The guiding quantum field somehow exerts an action-at-a-distance force by which the physical effect of the spin particle is transmitted instantaneously to great and possibly infinite distances. We do not know how or why this works. Dr. Einstein has come to referring to this as ‘spooky action at a distance.” This brought on some laughter from those gathered – including Dr. Einstein. Dr. Tesla continued. “The only hint as to how or why this type of system operates at such grand distances is a few lines taken from a partly translated Martian Electronic Document which refers to a ‘dark field of energy which overlays all of space and time which is undetectable, but consists of some 95% of all energy/matter. This imbedded universal dark energy/matter field has no individual time component and is therefore universal in nature, timeless and instantaneous in its responses.”

“Gentlemen, this is only a very simple example of five ‘bits’ but imagine if you will millions or even perhaps billions of these linked pairs held in a small tabletop device no larger than a toaster able to transmit not only numerical data, but voice communications as clear as you and I are speaking in this room or perhaps even instant images of exactly what is going on in this room by some type of visual device. With this very advanced technology the Martians are not only able to communicate instantly with each other no matter where they are located or how far away, they are able to fly un-Martianed aerial craft over any portion of the Earth without actually being on our planet! We believe that this is the control method they are using for a few of their small reconnaissance vehicles. The only problem with this type of control seems to be that this method, for whatever reason, is not being used with their larger craft. We have no explanation for this discrepancy, if in fact there is one. It is thought that perhaps the Martians have only a limited number of these advanced devices and they may be very difficult to construct. One thing however, is very clear. When they use these devices there is absolutely no method we can think of to intercept or listen in on any communication transmitted, if that is the proper term, by these devices. They represent the ultimate in communications security.”

Later study would show that the Martians needed only one set of matched atomic particles in the device in order to transmit instant messages. With the pairs changing spin direction extremely fast, data, including voice and pictures, could be transmitted and displayed on a monitor or over a speaker. Whatever else these Martians were, they were damned inventive creatures. Their scientific abilities never failed to amaze all of us.


(Sort of)

Almost at the same time we were being amazed by the Martian communication device, engineers had ‘discovered’ the workings of a machine on board every Martian Flying Machine. We had suspected that it was used to display data files otherwise known as Martian Electronic Documents, but we had been unable to turn it on. On the last day of December 1929 the engineers located the on button! We had access to these files taken from their machines but could not display them on their own machines.

The device was not much to look at. It consisted of a flat strip of metal 18” in length 1” wide and 1/4 of an inch thick. Embedded in a wall panel it could be protected out from the wall for 18”. Two feet below the first strip was a second identical metal strip which would project from the same panel the full 18”. For years that was all the engineers could discover until one of them, somewhat rather frustrated after months of work on the device, took out a simple screw-driver and tapped the top metal bar then the second. It immediately turned on. He had accidentally vibrated the device which sent what looked like a 1” wide sheet of light from the top bar to the bottom bar. One second later a round Martian symbol appeared as an image in the center of the 18” x 24” “wall of light.” The device was now on and standing by for someone (or something) to touch the wall of light and request a file to be displayed on what was essentially just light beams and nothing else! One of the scientists reported that “Somehow the photons of light have been made to stick together to form a new molecular group, semi-nonsolid, from billions and billions of photons to create a new form of matter completely unknown to mankind.”

Placing his hand into the wall of light one engineer activated a section of the, for want of a better word, ‘screen’. This touch of the light wall highlighted an area and a Martian document appeared to simply float in the light field. This looked like some type of directory. Moving his hand one way or the other caused the electronic document to go from one section to another. Before long the engineers found that by touching the top of the document he could “make the document talk!” Not only had he accidentally discovered how to display Martian Electronic Documents essentially in mid-air, he had discovered how we could represent Martian primary language with Martian writing. This information along with one of the devices was soon on its way to our language group North of London.

At the same time this work was being developed one of the Committee science teams, now numbering in the hundreds, began building the largest computing devices ever built on Earth. At 26 locations around the world scientists and technology people were constructing machines referred to as Semi-Automatic Ground Environment Devices (SAGED). These machines would link the worlds military forces with a dedicated computing system to track and report on craft entering the Earth’s atmosphere in a line around the North and South Poles as well as several other critical locations from the poles to the equator. It was expected to take at least four years to complete this work. Time would be critical for this new defense project.

On 1 January 1930 the Prime Directorate post passed to Director E, Thomas Edison. However, being in ill health Mr. Edison wisely passed on the duties to the next in line. Professor Dr. Edwin P. Hubble, Director F, then accepted the Prime Directorate post. He would hold the post for the next twelve months.

By mid-1930 the “Magic Twelve” group had added two new members.

A – Henry Ford (1863-)

B – John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937)

C – General John Joseph ‘Black Jack’ Pershing (1860-)

D – Dr. Nikola Tesla (1856-)

E – Thomas A. Edison (1847-1931)

F – Dr. Edwin P. Hubble (1889-)

G – Dr. Claude Connor Pierce (1878-)

H – Sir Winston Churchill (1874-)

I – Sir Arthur John Evans (1851-)

J – Dr. Albert Heim (1849-1937)

K – Dr. Walter Hohmann (1880-)

L – Dr. Sigmund Freud (1856-)

Lake Anjikuni, Canada

November 1930

As we continued to build and prepare for the war that by 1930 we all knew would come, an event occurred which could only have been perpetrated by the Martians, yet any reference to them could have caused as great a panic as any war or plague could have. We knew of course that they were still operating in small groups on Earth at least for short periods of time and had bases of operation at both Poles, and now central Greenland (via electronic map), yet we had not seen any recent indication of large scale activities by the Martians themselves – until now. This was the event, which convinced the members of the Committee that the cometary impact on Mars had killed off many or perhaps most of the human hostages on Mars. We surmised that they needed to be replaced and the cold adapted people of the northern area of Canada were the ideal people in the ideal location to hunt for humans. Director G would state, “Hell, they were still kidnapping people wholesale for god’s sake! This sort of thing must end, and end soon. We must find a way to anticipate their moves and stop them.” This event also showed us that the Martians still had no reason to take our military forces too seriously as they continued to operate virtually unimpeded over short periods of time. So far, only Earth’s generally warm weather and the physical weakness of the Martians themselves along with the still deadly Earth bacteria were keeping most of Earth’s population safe – for now.

It was on a dark and cold November evening in 1930 when a particular form of terror came to an Eskimo fishing village as the more than 2000 residents of that sleepy village rested on the shore of Lake Anjikuni, Canada, situated on the ancient Canadian Precambrian Shield. The women of the village were preparing the evening meal. After that night not a single man, woman or child from that settlement would ever be seen again. The incident at Anjikuni made it abundantly clear that the Martians were indeed taking humans on a large scale for whatever reasons and those in government with this terrible secret needed to do all we could to hide that fact from a public already becoming all too aware that once again all was not well between the planets. We needed time to react. What we did not need was panic! It would be a fine line to walk keeping the people of the world informed of the Martian problem and at the same time reassuring them that all was well. When Winston Churchill heard the details he remarked, “This event should be immediately classified since it would create mass panic amongst the general population…” I had to agree with my old friend on this one. Cover stories were still the order of the day.

The first report I saw came from a French/Canadian fur trapper named Arnaud Laurent and his son, both of whom had worked in the area for a good many years. They had just finished putting out new traps for the coming season when they observed a solid bright light crossing the northern sky. Both men would later describe the light as “… coming from a cylinder shaped or bullet shaped object, solid in form.” Their story mirrored many of the aerial reports of the 1890s found in our CAIG files.

The full Committee became aware of the incident and the surrounding events somewhat later when French/Canadian fur trapper Joe Labelle reported the eerie silence he had found in the village at Lake Anjikuni. The village was on the regular route he had taken for many years. He was very familiar with the area and the village having spent a good deal of time there among his many Eskimo friends. Finding the area completely deserted Lebelle ran as fast as he could in the drifting snow to the nearest telegraph office and sent a message to the world famous Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). It did not take long for members of the RCMP, along with a team of specially trained Martian investigators (CAIG), to arrive on scene. What they found defied explanation, then as now, and no-one could have been prepared for what they discovered.

Entering the village from three different directions and fully armed to do battle with anyone or anything they may find, the teams came across only silence as if they were entering a grave yard. It was a silence which none had ever experienced. No birds, no animals, no people made so much as a whisper upon their carefully crafted approach as the northern lights danced far above. Normally the village even in the dead of winter was a bustle of activity – now only silence dominated the cold of the long Canadian night. None of the team could make out any lights from lamps or cooking fires. The first thing they were able to discover was that all of the kayaks were still lined up on the beach by the lake. In that cold stillness the teams began a detailed house-by-house, building-by-building room-by-room search including all of the storage areas, out buildings and fish storehouses. They would find that none of the stores had been disturbed, but no people were anywhere.

As the teams had entered the outskirts of town they noticed that there were no trails, no human tracks anywhere in the snow. There was simply nothing to show that humans had been living there recently, yet they knew only days earlier a community had been well in place. Spreading out in a line the teams then swept the area, north to south, and then again east to west – not a sign of any living person was found. They found no bodies either. There were no signs of a battle. However, what most frightened the searchers were the conditions found inside every home in the silent village. Food had been left on the tables half eaten or in cooking pots with plates in place, as one would expect to find for the evening meal. Some meat was still hanging over several cold fire pits. Half filled glasses were present with some clothes laid out as for bed. Most disturbing were the men’s hunting rifles each man owned as all of them had been simply laid on a table or set against a wall or doorway as if they were simply discarded as if the men seemingly walked away. No Eskimo man in his right frame of mind would walk away from his rifle; it is simply not done.

One particularly strange scene was of a set of clothes on a bed which had been only half put on. The rest of the clothing was still laid across the bed. On the floor was found one shoe. Nothing was disturbed, nothing. Seemingly this person had been in the middle of dressing and simply vanished! In another hut the team found an unfinished shirt that still had the sewing needles in it. It was also clear that none of the village’s emergency supplies had been disturbed in anyway. It was very clear that all of these people had simply stopped whatever they were doing, gotten up, and walked out of their homes! But where had they walked to?

The teams called for more men to begin a larger search hoping that something had drawn the Eskimos away from the village, but that if located they could be convinced that all was well and persuaded to return to the village. That effort would end when team members found the sled dogs – all of them under a 12-foot snowdrift – still tied to their posts having died of hunger. But there was more. Just after the dogs were found two team members who had been circling around the village to check on possible injured people came running back to the operations area, which had been set up by then in one of the community centers. The men had passed the graveyard now iced over and solid with the freeze. What they reported to the team members could not be reported to the general public at the time. (In fact it is still classified.) All of the graves – every one – had been cut out of the frozen ground and all of the bodies were gone. The rocks around the graves had been melted away as if the ground had been cut open with some type of powerful heat beam. It was all too clear that the Martians had taken them all from the ground and all of the people from their homes seemingly without any struggle. It was most disturbing to learn that the Martians wanted human corpses as well as live humans. Of what possible use was a decayed human corpse to a Martian? One idea passed around the Committee was that they were perhaps planting something inside the dead bodies!

As the men stared in disbelief at the open graves they could see “an unearthly blue glow on the horizon” that was nothing like the familiar northern lights. (These men were very familiar with this often spectacular sight.) Before long the light began to pulsate, rising above the horizon and in a flash it disappeared into the darkness of space. At the same time the team discovered that their small battery operated hand radios and the portable short wave radio mounted on one of their recon vehicles began to emit a single tone across the band. This was not the first time a close encounter with a Martian craft had caused such interference. The men knew then that the Martians had kidnapped some 2000 people and over 900 corpses to a fate far too horrible to contemplate.

We also knew that cover stories would need to be published which spoke of disastrous snowstorms and lost people dying as they attempted to move south, but these were only cover for the truth. Newsmen in The Pas, Manitoba, were soon reporting on and asking for more information about this singular event. The RCMP was able to play down reports by issuing a statement that only 30 people had gone missing and that they expected to be located in short order. They called the somewhat leaked true story “an urban myth,” and tried to laugh it off. Officially they would report, “It is also believed that such a large village would never have been possible in such a remote area, and we have no reports of any other supposed unusual activity in the Lake Anjikuni area. The single report of lights in the sky has been shown to be the usual Northern Lights.” For the investigators it only steeled our determination to fight these creatures that had so often brought death and destruction to the people of Earth. To those who would indiscriminately kill and kidnap humans we would continue to fight to the death. But the question was how? We could not save any of these lost people, but we had to find some way to bring battle to our enemies from Mars.

Within the Committee it was decided that the Martians could have only two reasons for kidnapping so many humans. The needed them to continue studying ways to kill large numbers of humans with some type of bio-agent or new gas and they were probably still using humans as slave labor as well as food! Either way we all knew that it would not be long before the Martians returned in full force. We had to be ready and as always time was not on our side. The Martians it would seem were still the enemy and we needed to continue to think of them in this way if we were to survive. What they wanted the corpses for we were never able to discover. Even later, when we captured Grays and Martian As none could or perhaps would give a satisfactory answer for this strange activity.

There was one other clue to the abductions. With so many Grays still on Mars there was no real need to bring human ‘food’ all the way back to Mars. That meant only one thing. These human victims could still be on Earth somewhere, being held by the Martians – but where? The north and south Polar Regions were our only thoughts, but we needed to find out for sure.

Editor’s Note: Most of these objects were taken to Mars Prime for further experimentation – The corpses were used as base bio-mass material for budding experimentation.

Later examination of the history of this area showed that explorer Samuel Hearne had explored the region in 1770 and had reported several incidents of “strange lights and fantastic aerial craft of such man has never before seen.” No one at the time paid much attention to his ‘musings.’ In 1848 explorer Francis Crozier had also explored the area and was known to have made it all the way to Lake Anjikuni before he too disappeared leaving no trace. It would seem that this area of northern Canada was very familiar to the Martians. We fully expected them to cross this area in force during the next invasion. If we had the time perhaps we could build a few surprises for them when they did.


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