consequences widespread problems with almost every facet of Rave Family Block Fest On yesterday's opening day, the organizers decided to postpone the event to get things under control and to create a better logistical plan.

"What started out as a stupid idea between friends turned into something much bigger than any of us," the Rave family said. "(…) Still, I can't ask them, the fans who supported us, or the artists who put the time and energy into creating this great event, to continue working under the pressure we currently have . It's not fair for anyone to deliver a below-average experience, and knowing what we've actually built and what we've been able to deliver is heartbreaking.

"We decided to postpone the event while leaving our festival and campground open to the people who have enjoyed it in the past few days."

One of the biggest problems of the event was the lack of communication between the festival, its artists and fans. In a press conference with the media this morning, founder and CEO of the Rave family, Jackie McGuire, complained that the idea that the festival was a collaborative effort by everyone involved was not clearer. While it would be correct to assume that the festival was in charge of the entire building and the curation, the fact is that the artists built the stages, the labels curated the talent, and the users in Minecraft were almost exclusively responsible for creating their own experiences. Towards the end, when the Rave Family ran out of time, they even handed the artists responsibility for creating artist avatars.

Perhaps the most unfortunate thing is that the original concept for the festival is actually pretty cool: a collaborative world within Minecraft that was created by all levels of the industry, from fans to artists to event staff. However, this was not conveyed in any of their advertising materials. In fact, much of the press conference this morning was spent explaining things that should have been covered in teaching materials and press releases before the event even started.

"I sincerely apologize to everyone who felt deceived," it continues. "As we can kidnap you in more of our worlds, we hope you understand the amount of time and energy of dozens of volunteer builders and other supporters who have gone into them. And I am so sorry for your volunteers that your hard word and your tough times weren't presented as they deserve. "

There is no date on which the festival will be postponed. Originally, it was supposed to take place on four consecutive weekends, another detail that was not considered in the advertising materials and in the event flyer itself. This should distribute server usage and allow people who missed one of the over 950 sets in the Minecraft world to go back and experience it.

There is no one who can say that the idea, the concept of the Rave Family Block Fest, was bad. It was a great concept from the start, implemented very poorly.

We hope this experience doesn't bother anyone for the virtual festival or Minecraft festival as it has been done on much, much smaller scales in the past.

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