Drug dealers get creative during Corona Virus quarantine (COVID-19) …

According to a report by The Guardian, some pose as joggers or NHS employees with fake IDs to keep business going in the UK.

During this period of social distancing, drug dealers are also reported to have turned to social media to coordinate drive-by sales and / or mailbox abandonments. You play it safe by avoiding personal contact with customers as much as possible.

Professor Simon Harding, director of the National Center for Gang Research at the University of West London, said: “On the one hand, they really follow the government's advice on social distancing, but at the same time it's business as usual and the way people were Buying groceries in panic, doing bulk business, and selling lockdown party packs. "

He added, "Vehicles are used more often to do business over the phone. Products are thrown out of the windows and money is thrown into the back seat to keep items clean."

According to the sounds, drug dealers are more careful than ever when fewer people are on the street.

Source: The Guardian


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