Many people and companies have been pursuing different approaches in the past two weeks to be allies and support the Black Lives Matter movement. While donations, activism, petitions, and protests are most common, Republic Records is taking a step to correct one of the institutional examples of racism that have been part of the music industry for decades.

In a post on social media yesterday, the universal label says it will "remove".urban"From our idiom when describing departments, employee titles and music genres." The descriptor was often given to various forms of black music, regardless of whether the artist himself came from an urban area or not.

It adds, "We encourage the rest of the music industry to follow this example because it is important to shape the future as it should be and not to cling to the outdated structures of the past."

Music Business Worldwide writes: "The Republic's list of artists includes – through its industry partnerships – alongside Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber The Weeknd (via XO) and Drake (via OVO)."

The record label's declaration actually comes a day after the management company Milk & Honey has announced that it will also be "urban" from its company.

MBW published a report in 2018 in which "a number of global industry leaders expressed their growing unease with the term" urban music "." You can read it here.


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