1. Grew up on this song. My mom loved this song too. Very important to black pop culture of the 1980s. Teena Marie is referenced in the black community. Basically, it goes unspoken, but she was an honorary black woman. I couldn't watch the whole thing. I lost my mom last year, and it's still pretty raw for me, and listening to this just hurts now. Thank you for this video, though.

  2. They don't make singer's like that anymore (: There both from the old school (: They studied the best and learned from best (: So there level of singing and performance would be very high indeed (: Enough soul too send you time travelling too a paradise on earth (: Now that's what I call a duet with lots of sparks flying everywhere (: Great reaction (:

  3. 40 years later and her voice still gives me all the feels! Listen to her songs Tune in Tomorrow and Sunny Skies. She also did a tribute to Smokey Robinson. It's amazing! They have another duet called Happy. I was fortunate enough to see them in concert, Whoa!

  4. Your reaction to Teena had me rolling, LOL! She didn't want to post her picture on her initial albums because she wanted to be known for her talent first. When it was found out she was a white woman, no one cared, they loved her! She was amazing, may she RIP! Classic slow jam!


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