1. Great song but the beginning is so Kick A@@ there is no way you can’t deny this song is off the chain!!! This song didn’t come out in 1981 but either 80/79, she had album that was released right before I graduated from my senior year in HS 1981 with Square Biz and Portuguese Lover on it and this song isn’t on there. We have the album.

  2. Those thumbs down, belong to people who don't know what real music is. She wrote and produced all her own music. That's real talent, great voice, beautiful. Also lovin' you always Lady T!

  3. This was GOLD. Enjoyed promoting these alpha sounds from the 80’s. The music circuit remains the purity products for soothing the soul.
    Sizing the evolutions for reading the new pathways to the patches that complete the JOURNEY. Listening 2020 and beyond .


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