Ryan Reynolds in talks for Netflix & # 39; Dragon & # 39; s Lair film

Ryan Reynolds strives to maintain his relationship with Netflix 6 underground and the upcoming Red hint He has started conversations to produce the upcoming live-action film adaptation of the classic arcade game through the streaming service Dragon cave. (About Variety)

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An adaptation of the classic game has been in the works for almost 40 years. Alan Dean Foster is working on the first attempt, which eventually fell apart due to the studios' low interest, and a second attempt, made in 2015 and 16, as co-creators Don Bluth and Gary Goldman have an Indiegogo campaign for one Teaser created to interest the studios again. After Netflix doubled its budget and negotiated for almost a year, Netflix started the project. Bluth and Goldman produce with Roy Lee through his Vertigo Entertainment banner, Trevor Engelson for Underground Films and Reynolds through his Maximum Effort banner.

The film is said to be written by Dan and Kevin Hageman, best known for helping shape the story of the erupting animated family adventure The Lego movie and the well-received adaptation of last year's horror novel series for young adults Telling scary stories in the dark.

The game series, which started in 1983 with the Arcade edition of Cinematronics and was created by Bluth and Rick Dyer, let players take on the role of Dirk the Daring in a challenging series of tests when he tried to sing and princess Daphne before the dragon to save the magician Mordroc.

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Reynolds, whose most iconic role is the Merc with the mouth in the hit Dead Pool Series, his relationship with Netflix began on the Michael Bay helmet 6 underground and was going to shoot Red hint for the streaming service alongside Dwayne Johnson (Jungle cruise) and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman 1984) before production was stopped due to global events. He is next to be seen in the upcoming action comedy The bodyguard of Hitman's wifein which he is reunited with Samuel L. Jackson (Avengers: Endgame) and Salma Hayek (Like a boss) from the previous film.

Dragon cave will also mark the third film about video games after the box office hit Detective Pikachu and the upcoming Free guy, which is currently scheduled for release on July 3rd.

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