**Spoiler-Free Review**

 ‘He was the sea. Rough. Dangerous. Dependable. No matter how far he travelled or how long he stayed away, he always returned to me.’

An outstanding and epic tale, Sea of Ruin was stunning yet dark, passionate yet disturbing. A story we will think about in the days, even years to come and without question pick up again and again. Dipping into the backlist on our kindles has -without question- unearthed a jewel which consumed all our senses. It’s one of those books we bought on release day yet saved until the mood caught us, and we can without question say that this is why we are mood readers! It makes the reading experience that much more powerful and exciting! Captured from the first word until the last, we lived and breathed the sea, pirate life, love, heartbreak, and misfortune.

“It doesn’t matter how far we fall, how much pain we inflict, or how dark it becomes in the ruin. I’m going to be with you, waiting for you, loving you, forgiving you. I’m never letting go, Bennett. Never.”

Bennett’s story is steeped in tragedy, in love lost and hearts torn apart. From an early age, the sea called to her, the salty tang of the air, the spray of stormy waters and the thrill of adventure, ingrained in her bones and soul. Bennett Sharp, a fierce and incomparable Pirate Captain, she was formidable. She was the very definition of a heroine. Fierce and brutal, she stood her ground amongst men!

“I’ve never met a siren, but you must be of the same ilk or nature. Unchristian, mysterious, dangerously enticing…If you think you lure me with those eyes and enchant me to shipwreck, you have the wrong sailor.”

Love played such a huge part in this intense and densely packed story, which was in no way predictable, nor did it ever slow down in its drama, intensity, or passion. We had our theories along the way of the possible twists to come and whilst one came to be –our favourite one– the process of its revelation was both surprising and thrilling. Sea of Ruin was action-packed, highly brutal and passionately erotic. When you hear readers say, “I didn’t merely read it, I experienced it”, then know that this is the most accurate description of Sea of Ruin. It was an experience in every way that counts!

“Love isn’t a decision. It arrives unannounced, breeds madness, and leaves a sea of ruin in its wake. Hate him or love him. Either way, he’s in certain hell.”

We cannot express the utter love we have for Sea of Ruin; it was incredible, it was more than we ever imagined. The vivid and emotive led depiction from Pam Godwin enthralled our senses as we fell in love with a historical pirate romance. We fell in love with the characters, we cried, we swooned, and it made us want to pick up a cutlass and board The Jade and sail into the deep waters. Searing chemistry, intense relationships, dramatic and dark we cannot recommend Sea of Ruin highly enough! You will go through hell and high waters, you will experience a poignant love affair so intense and soulful, you will feel despair and mortification, yet you will feel joy, hope, and magic too!

“To know with certainty that we exist, we must love and be loved, even through the pain. It’s the inexplicable fever inside us, which drives us to battle, to sacrifice, and to surrender. Deny it…and all you have left is a starving emptiness.”


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