Although previous reports indicated that music streaming decreased during quarantine, we are still streaming a lot of music. And although not all tastes are the same, there are definitely overlap areas. Enter Taste of music, a new app based on the public Spotify API that allows you to compare your taste in music with friends.

The process is simple enough. Once you've logged in with your Spotify account, you'll be taken to a dashboard with options where you can view your own insights, generate code that you can share with friends (where they can compare their tastes to yours), and You can even create playlists based on artists and tracks you share with friends! (However, you have to match over 50% to do the last one.)

Unfortunately, there is no way to share your findings directly, but you can create a playlist with "My COVID-19 Tunes" that reflects what you heard.

Click here for Musictaste!


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