Today is Election Day and there are predictions of historic Black turnout across the states. One voting bloc Democrats are depending on is Black women, especially with HBCU grad and AKA sister Sen. Kamala Harris.

In a powerful essay penned for ESSENCE, Harris wrote, “Joe and I can’t do this alone—and we’re grateful that Black women across the country have had our backs. They are doing their jobs, caring for their families, and mobilizing voters to get out the vote and win this election. And we need you, too. We need you to vote in numbers nobody has ever seen.”

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She continued, “Black women hold the power in this election. So we need to talk to everybody in our lives, including young people, to encourage them to vote. We need to get our families, our neighbors, our whole villages to the polls.”

Harris also added, “That’s why generations of Black women marched and organized and fought to give us this right. Many never got to vote themselves. But they pressed on knowing that, one day, Black women would be a force in our democracy. That, when it mattered most, we would be the ones to mobilize our communities and vote for what’s right: honesty and integrity, decency and dignity, equality and justice.”

In 2016, 94 percent of Black women voted for Hillary Clinton and 64.1% showed up at the polls. However, this was a 2.2 percent drop from 2008 when Barack Obama was the presidential candidate.

Read Sen. Kamala Harris full story at ESSENCE, here.


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