will Skrillex Have you ever released a new album? Who knows at this point. But it's an undeniable fact that he's been in the studio with a lot of hits, including one of the Beach Boys as well as Scott Storch and Incubus' Mike Einziger. Last weekend, he also released a story from his studio with Mike D of The Beastie Boys.

Skrillex's affinity for classical artists is well founded. In 2011 he worked with The Doors on "Breakn’ a Sweat ". And his production resume between all of his own songs is so full of huge names, even now Kanye West, that nobody can say no to working with him.

For Mike D, the combination with Skrillex is undeniable, although we don't yet know what will become of it, as with all the other teasers he and his team have shared.

Time will tell what all these people would have in store with him, but we're still excited right now.

Photo via Rukes.com


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