Many of us came into the new year with hopes, dreams and goals in mind. But, before winter turned to spring, the coronavirus pandemic happened and, just like that, 2020 turned to trash. For Black Americans, there were the additional anxieties of battling an even more pervasive issue that has longed ailed the U.S.: racism. A high stakes 2020 presidential election, the loss of some of our biggest legends and heroes and a crashing economy only added to the anxiety of this year.

This time last year, however, Kirk Franklin was delivering a poignant moment at the 2019 Soul Train Awards with a speech that foreshadowed many of the emotions people are experiencing right now. His remarks couldn’t be more relevant amid a year that has tried us on all fronts.

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The celebrated gospel singer was honored with the Best Gospel/Inspirational Award and he used his speech to share some motivational words for anyone struggling mentally and spiritually.

“I want to say to every last one of you here that you may feel discouraged and you may feel like you’re being forgotten, and may feel like your time and God has forgotten you…First of all, if you know you have a gift inside of you, make some noise,” the gospel legend began.

The Love Theory artist hearkened back to his younger days and the lack of sustenance he got from microwavable dinners as opposed to the home-cooked dinners from his grandmother.

“The reason why grandmama’s cooking was so good is because she didn’t cook Sunday dinner Sunday evening. She started it on Saturday night and she let it marinate overnight. That’s why it’s so good,” Franklin noted.

He continued, “the reason your gift is not like these other gifts that’s so microwavable is because God put something in you that is too great. You got to know that what’s inside of you is so great that it’s taking a little longer because God did not call you to be microwavable. He wants you to know that what’s inside you is like Grandmomma’s greens. So don’t give up. Your time is coming.”

Listen to his revitalizing words below.

The 2020 Soul Train Awards air on November 29.


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