What’s Old Is Nu (Jazz)

I describe nu-jazz as a sound that mixes the best attributes of soul, house, electronica, bossa, hip-hop and, of course, jazz. This combination makes for dynamic, cutting edge music. Nu-jazz should be more than just an underground phenomena, but the fact that most of the artists in this genre know how to write, play or arrange the music, the typical pop music fan probably cannot relate to its intracacies.


Eager Of The Years – Michelle Amador
Searching – Brotherly
Elevate Your Mind – Trevor Loveys
Dance Of The Little Children – Nu Tropic
Cada Dia (Day By Day) – Incognito ft. Tony Momrelle
Epiphany (Soulfeenix Remix) – Monday Michiru
What You Want – Ty
Dis-Information – Lanu
What’s It To Be – 2000 Black
Leave Me Now – Stateless
Little Things – Restless Soul ft. 1Luv
Highlights – Delgui ft. Xantone Blacq

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