Sparkee is the new king of funk-tronic music. He’s curated an immaculate discography, perfectly meshing disco, funk, and electronic into a truly iconic sound.

The talented Canadian producer has already had a massive year, most recently winning Tiesto’s remix contest with his rendition of The Business that has already earned over 1.6 million streams on Spotify. Now, Sparkee is back with another incredible remix, this time for Ellis and his song “Orbit“, out exclusively on none other than Monstercat.

Sparkee’s remix is another hit in his arsenal, packed with bright, NuDisco melodies that can’t help but make you want to move the minute you press play. Here’s what Sparkee had to say about it:

“I’ve been focusing on remixes this year and wanted to enter a few contests along the way. I was super excited when this one showed up on Label Radar! I’m a big fan of the original and was super excited to put my spin on this one. I stuck to my strengths and created the ultimate fusion of retro vibes with over-the-top 80’s guitar playing and funky basslines.”

Listen to the Sparkee remix of “Orbit” below!


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