Stargirl Season 1 Episode 5 Abstract: Hourman and Dr. Mid-nite

Stargirl Season 1 Episode 5 Summary: Hourman and Dr. Mid-nite

In the fifth episode of DC Universe StargirlA search for Rick Tyler (Cameron Gellman) leads Courtney, Yolanda and Beth Chapel to Cindy Burman's Halloween party.

Rick Tyler

The episode begins with another look back at Blue Valley nine years ago, in which Rex Tyler makes a series of mathematical notes in his diary addressed to Pat. A young Rick Tyler says goodbye to his parents, who have to go in a hurry, and his father tells him to take care of his toy car and says it's special as he is. Rick's uncle Matt Harris comes to find out that he will accept Rick as his own son, including Rick, who takes the Harris surname instead of Tyler. After a short farewell, Rick's parents dash off and hope that their son is safe. On the way out of town, the Tyler are attacked by Solomon Grundy, who crashes and dies.

Rick is currently working on his car and fighting with his uncle, who apparently blames him for his financial problems. While going to school, Rick stops by the tree his parents crashed into, hit him, and bleed his ankles.

After Courtney tries to wake up on Halloween on time, she grabs Hourman's hourglass chain and tries to sneak out with her travel bag. Pat catches them and tells Courtney that he thinks the late city councilor William Zarick was the wizard of the Injustice Society and that the ISA killed him and his family. Courtney tells Pat that she believes Principal Bowin is the violinist and admits that she staked Brainwave's hospital room, which sparked another brief struggle between her and her reluctant buddy.

Dr. Mid-nite

At school, Beth chases Courtney and Yolanda as they discuss who else could join their new Justice Society. Meanwhile, Steven Sharpe (the player) secretly meets with a man in a theater who gives him blueprints and tells him about a broadcasting court that will be called later that night.

On the way, Courtney and Pat have a little problem with the car when Rick comes over and Pat says it's an alternator problem. Pat agrees and congratulates the teenager on his knowledge of cars (and everyone in the audience suddenly wishes Pat could adopt this poor child). When Pat expressed interest, Rick announced that he was working on a 66 Mustang. Pat tells him it is "a great ride". Rick tells Pat that the car is yellow and belongs to his father, and based on Pat's expression, the former Starman buddy may have realized that Rick is his old friend Rex's son. As Courtney waits in the car while the two are talking, she notices Hourman's hourglass lights up in response to Rick and hums from her pocket. Courtney decides to leave (aka Follow Rick) when Pat is left behind by car.

Rick quickly realizes that Courtney is following him and asks to know why. She shows him the hourglass, but now it doesn't light up anymore and Rick leaves before Courtney can explain. Beth later arrives at Courtney's house, where Barbara tells her that she can wait in the living room for Courtney to come back. Beth follows the dog upstairs and searches Courtney's bedroom, calling it "the superhero's room". When Beth put on Dr. Put on mid-nite, she meets Dr. McNider – or at least the A.I. from Dr. McNider inside the high-tech glasses – who explains that thanks to the Justice Society database, he can “provide information on a huge library of topics”.

Halloween party

As Mike sets up pumpkins for Halloween, Courtney finds Beth, who is wearing the goggles in her room, when McNider explains that he not only offers information, but can also switch to different spectra such as infrared, night vision, X-ray, hologram, weather forecast, and lie detector, and more. The glasses say Beth Courtney is lying when she tries to say that the glasses are just a Pat project. Beth knows that Dr. Goggles Charles McNider was invented after losing his eyesight in the fight against the mob and later Dr. Became mid-nite.

Beth tells Courtney that she knows she is a superhero and that she saw Courtney and Yolanda in the hospital. Finally Rick's name appears and Beth reveals (thanks to the goggles) that Rick is not Rick Harris, but Rick Tyler, son of Rex Tyler, also known as Hourman. Meanwhile, Pat comes over to Rick's, but the boy isn't home. He gives Matt Harris a replacement carburetor and asks him to give it to Rick.

Later that night, Courtney, Beth, and Yolanda chase Rick to Cindy's Halloween party. Courtney and Beth go in looking while Yolanda stays outside to avoid Cindy and Henry. After a little argument between Cindy and Henry, a drunk Henry stumbles outside and, without realizing it, hears Yolanda's thoughts, which call him an idiot. When he asks what she said, Yolanda denies having said anything. As soon as the girls find Rick, Courtney and Beth try to explain that his father was an hourman and that the hourglass gave Rex superpower an hour a day. Beth tells Rick that his father was a brilliant chemist. Rick decides to give it a try by putting the necklace on and flipping the hourglass. Rick tests his new superpower by gently lifting a barrel of beer and then pushing it into a garbled mess. Courtney tells Rick not to use his powers in public. Rick says that he is not interested in joining their group, but he takes his father's hourglass to do his own thing.


Courtney and Yolanda leave Beth to chase Rick, who strikes a truck and almost halves him. When they get dressed, Beth learns from the glasses that Rick's parents have been murdered and hurries to catch up with the group. When Courtney and Yolanda find Rick in their respective Stargirl and Wildcat costumes, he tells them he's always angry and hates feeling that way, and that his parents have died for no reason. Courtney tries to contact Rick and tells him that she feels cheated after losing her father, but she can now continue Starman's legacy.

When Rick bends over in anger at the loss of his parents and even hits the tree where his parents died, causing him to fall over, Beth comes to tell the teenager what A.I. informed them. Beth explains that Rick's parents were murdered and then uses the glasses' hologram technology to show exactly what happened. They all see Solomon Grundy jumping out and smashing Tyler's car, causing Rick's parents to crash into the tree and die.

Courtney tells Rick that his parents were killed by the same people who killed their father, and that the Injustice Society is why they are building the new Justice Society team. Rick says he's there, but he doesn't want justice. he wants revenge. Elsewhere, Principal Bowin appears on the street next to a school bus and plays the violin after she has stopped a tractor with the transmitter shell that Sharpe used to be interested in. At home, Pat looks at a picture of Rex and his 66 Mustang when Barbara tells him that there was an accident. Pat goes to his shop, where the truck Rick hit with his superpower is dropped. Principal Bowin continues to play the violin on the street and kills Sharpe's informants. Sharpe kills the truck driver himself by shooting him. Back at home, Pat searches Courtney's room and finds her travel bag filled with the stolen JSA artifacts.

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