Stars showed up to lend their support at the memorial service of Teena Marie. HH spoke to Lay Tee’s celebrity friends as they recalled fond memories of the Ivory Queen of Soul!


  1. One of the saddest days of my life… Teena is my musical everything… not only did I love her music but I loved her message… the world needs to be color blind… rest in paradise Teena… I pray you are my forever concert in heaven some day.

  2. Motown greatest classics I grew up singing five Heart part harmony playing on the piano 5 part harmony these guys Sinbad to Smokey Robinson to all these different actors and artists on Michael Jackson to Boyz II Men to Barry White Show Stevie Wonder All these people especially the guys from Motown even though I'm MC Hammer on Boyz II Men the roulette so the D vets the Divas Diana Ross or dream crew music piano in 5 part harmony tell having a good team but being a franchise player not getting in too much trouble with the women but preparing all ways to put on a great show always doing my homework thank you thank you but I was in choir Corral and School choir Church Choir School band Soho music I love

  3. LisaRay I know this is old but Queen you really made me tears up. You all spoke well of Tina Marie. I grew up listening to her music and was shocked as hell the first time I seen her on America Band Stand singing. I know Tina daughter is doing well, mama looking over her😇


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