Taja Sevelle Wouldn’t You Love To Love Me. 1988 single charting at #59 in the UK in May 1988, and #78 in the Netherlands in July 1988. From the album “Taja Sevelle’. Official music video HQ. ohnoitisnathan


  1. According to PrinceVault.com, after Michael Jackson rejected the song, "Prince offered it to Taja Sevelle, who for her version simply replaced Prince's own vocals from the 1986 recording. It was released in 1987 as the second track on Taja Sevelle's first album Taja Sevelle and, in early 1988 was released as the album's second single." So the music here is all Prince!

  2. I think it's kinda funny Prince tried to pass this song along to MJ 🤣. This was late 80s 🤔….no, I couldn't here MJ singing this. I get the sense Prince might have been having a little fun. In a YouTube video and in his own words Prince made a remark he had issues with the first line of the song Bad, "your butt is mine" LOL and Prince said in the interview, there was no way another man was going say that to him…..☺️ and then our dear Prince offers up this track….LOL

  3. I like both versions the same. This one is poppy, sun shiny and naïve. Gives you a hint of Prince cuz the bass is great and the beat is cool but is more on the Paula Abdul side of things.
    And Prince's version is great cuz it's Prince.


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