BOYFRIEND MATERIAL by ALEXIS HALL – A sweet, funny and moving MM romance in itself.
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"I came to him as if I thought I would never come to anyone. I forgot to hold back so that he would feel as safe and valued and as special as he made me." I held him tight and he clung to me and we moved in together … "

5 fabulous stars! We loved this book!! Do you know these cartoons in which love hearts come out of their eyes? This is how we felt when we read Boyfriend Material! Our hearts burst positively! We laughed, passed out and fell in love with two very different types, Luc and Oliver!

A wrong relationship, two beautiful men, a kind of enemy for lovers who were thrown into the mix, and writing! OH MY GOD! We enjoyed the writing style of Alexis Hall. The flair, the joke, the warmth, passion and romance … ohhh, it was all exactly what the book doctor ordered! What a fabulous story of wellbeing!


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