1. Damn I love Teena so much.. Always wanted her to do a jazz cd. Teena definitly has the voice and talent. Love all her jazz songs such as Sunny Skies, Casanova Brown, Tune In Tomorrow, Work It, I'm Going To Have My Cake And Eat It Too and The Rose And Thorn .. Teena could sing anything really. We lost a rare gem. Gone to soon Tee… Rest easy Ivory Queen Of Soul.. You will always live on through your music…

  2. I like this song as well as hungry for your love, a rose by any other name, still in love, hit me where I live, honey call and baby i am your fiend from teenas 2004 La Dona, from 16 years ago. Wow the years just go by so very fast. Golly. Timeless mellow music classics.


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