Lady Tee performs Climb The Walls from the Passion Play CD. She really connected to the audience as she sang on the table tops. 8/3/2010. Her final show at the Birchmere.


  1. OMG I love and miss her so much. I saw her 10 times live and she never sung anything from Passion Play so this is so special to me. Rest in peace dear Teena Marie.

  2. I'm 1994 I met Teena, I've always loved her she is the best female singer I have Eva heard. I also met her daughter on her tour bus. I plays her passion play CD so bad that it skips I have no more CD. I knw every song she sings word for word. No I can no longer find the CD it's discontinued. Teena when I get to h raven please sing to me like u did at the concert. I went to that concert broke. She paid for my taxi home. I didn't care how I got home, I just wanted to c her I chills wit her for 2 hrs best time of my life. By the way my name is Tina Marie. When she was singing I kept yelling sing dejavu. She stopped singing and asks me my name .. I told her Tina Marie Jr- Bette. I love that lady Rip.


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