Don Lemon shares his memories.


  1. As far as im comcerned Tina Marie and George Michael were THE best crossover rb artists and great songwriters(also Rod Temperton song writer for HEATWAVE AND MICHAEL JACKSON and other artists of the era). They can't be touched by today's standards of so called cross over artists.

  2. Square Biz was my jam growing up. Well, I used to hear my mom play it. I never knew she died but I just saw a post on FB saying she died n she would be 64 today. I didn't check when that post was posted but it made me come n check on it n what better place than YouTube. Well, I could've googled it but I chose to Tube it.

  3. Crossed over??? She never was on the other side of R&B, Some music producers wanted her to cross over to a different music genre but Teena said that she would be untrue to who she was and what she represented.They wanted more caucasian people to buy her music to make more money (the producers).

  4. It’s really difficult to hear strangers speak details and facts about someone they obviously don’t know anything about. Especially when it’s a personal friend. It’s quite a bit to ask, but try not to judge an art you listen to by the color of the artist skin.

    R.I.P. Librarian🎤


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