Teena R.I.P. and Thank you for sharing your gifts !
Teena’s spin on the Linda Jones classic from her 1994 album Passion Play
Lady Tee sing one oldie for me
Croon me a tune
Sweet soft and low
Only you can hypnotize me
Blow baby, blow baby, blow baby, blow


Hypnotized, you got me hypnotized
All it took was one little look into your eyes
I’ll do what ever you say, command me baby and I’ll obey
Because I love you – need you – I want you
Feels so good sometimes I just want to say
La la la ha ha
You got me walking and talking in a trance
In a magic spell of romance
Make me hold you – make me kiss you
My heart is yours to command
Hypnotized – gee, gee I’m so hypnotized
Just one touch from your fingertips
One kiss from your soft and tender lips
I’ll go wherever you want me to go
Everything I got darling is yours – yes it is
La la la ha ha

You got me caught up in a spell that you cast
Please, please make it last



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