1. HIGHLY under-rated! By far one of the most talented and BEST vocalists EVER! Haven't heard another who can hold those notes or milk a song like her! Only singer that is on her caliber is Beverly Sills, and she's an opera singer so they're in two different genres. GOD rest their souls in peace!

  2. Miss you…remember when you and Prince had a concert together in NC…you told the band turn off the music off,,,you shared the voice GOD gave you….I remember Prince was performorming and your security told me to not stand by you….your response was,,,,leave her….your heart is gentle…..we shall all meet again….Love You Big Sis.

  3. I can remember when there were no music videos, we relies on what came over the radio, I thought that this Lady was Black, I only wish she knew how much her life meant to so many other lives.

  4. I remember seeing this Live on BET years back. The hairs on my arm stood up it was so amazing. Any white girl trying to be a part of R&B should be listening to Teena Marie first. She's still the only white female singer that I put among the best female R&B singers.

  5. One of the best stripped-down live performances I've ever seen. Just Teena Marie and the piano man. Any white female singer that even "dreams" of singing R&B needs to first take a course in how Teena Marie sang from the heart. We NEVER felt like she was a part of cultural appropriation. She felt every soulful song that she wrote and sang on and her performances and music showed it. This lady is long-deserving of a BET tribute.

  6. I can"t…I just can"t….This LIVE performance was a testament to the incredible gift that was bestowed on Teena..I miss her so much. I've been a fan of hers since 1979 when she and Rick did Fire and Desire. I was a senior in high school. Back then R&B music was filled to the brim with the most talented singers, musicians, and bands who did not need autotune or any voice-enhancing device. Times have changed so much in music. I don't listen to today's music. It's filled with mediocre talent at best.No singer, or band, or anyone else today can move me to tears, or joy and happiness like Teena could and still does.RIP Vanilla Child