1. No disrespect to all of the other female vocalist out there; but Teena Marie is and forever will be to me, the greatest female vocalist ever. A part of me had left this world when she was called home to be with the Lord.

  2. Artist that have so much passion within and are very romantic could bring out the high and lows in a song. All from life's experiences. She really touches the soul and shivers all inside hearing her sing ❤ 💋

  3. Can't help but be introspective…. Counting all my blessings. Nothing is promised, it's all a package deal in this journey of life.
    Thank you Lady Tee. 😆🤔😓
    Keep your irons in the fire… Keep pressing!

  4. So many of the old school R&B artists and other singers too had their inspirations from classic soul, jazz,big band,etc Now, we have people who really aren’t musicians at all ,except in title,or job description. Makes you wonder what has happened to music in the past 20 years.