Be Mellow!


  1. Recently saw a list of the (considered) Top 50
    female vocalists ever and was surprised Teena
    didn't make that list. She could out sing over half
    the artists that were on that list. RIP Lady T

  2. Mr alston, grew up listening to your style of playing bass, 1979 had your style roped thanks for showing me from afar, big brothers Mr Mark Leslie Adams, sandy Cooper who taught me all I know miss you guys and ,rip💔🌀🔥

  3. It was the early 80's and this skinny white boy from Texas mainly listened to artists like Waylon Jennings, Anne Murray and Dolly Parton. Lucky for me, I worked with a couple of black girls that introduced me to a whole new genre, R&B music. Teena Marie was one of those artists. To this day, she is one of my favorite.. may she RIP

  4. This song gives a couple of nods to The Marvelettes My Baby Must Be A Magician………"You are under my power, it is the power of love" Melvin Franklin reprises his line for that song in this one


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