Music video by Teena Marie performing Lips To Find You. (C) 1986 Sony BMG Music Entertainment

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  1. Ah, Lady T's adventurous 'Emerald City' period! I think that was the one album that truly knocked my socks off regarding her 80's work. Funny how most critics gave it the cold shoulder upon release just because she didn't stick to the R&B "formula" they were so used to hearing from her up to that point in time, but what they failed to realize even after her untimely passing was that she was a complete artist who was not bound solely to a certain genre. She had the whole musical spectrum at her disposal and did not hesitate to mold it as she saw fit! I think even her former Epic label didn't fully understand the kind of talent they truly had in Teena because if they did she would've been promoted a lot more differently back then. Oh well, THEIR loss (lol)…

  2. Happy Birthday, Lady T. You were a treasure. Imagine if she could have heard all the new Synthwave and neo funk artists that were so influenced by her sounds. I like to think she's in rockstar heaven looking down on us all, hopefully giving us her blessing.


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