I just heard that the one and only Miz Teena Marie has died – 12/26/2010. I am saddened by her sudden passing. She had the voice of an angel, so surely she is singing in heaven with the angels now. Rest in sweet eternal peace, Lady T. Much respect and love; you are missed. ^j^ ^j^ ^j^

This lady has an incredible voice and style. I love Teena Marie’s voice and yes I am loving this song! Go on, Teena, wid’ yo baaaaad self!


  1. Black women and men interracial marriages IS black genocide. Please stop interracial mixing and marriage. Now Teena Marie or Lady t was a BLACK woman who was just very light skinned as she came from black ancestry like former President Barack Obama black mother.so Teena Marie was also black. And she just like President Barack Obama BLACK mother died way too young. There are well over 500,000 interracial marriages which is the same number of Black African people that them Asian Indonesians have murdered and exterminated in West Papua New Guinea. And please have 2 babies and with another black person to replace yourselves. And interracial marriages is also a SIN against god and it is talked about all in the Bible. The book of Jubilees and other books that talk about how interracial marriages is a sin were taken out of the bible a thousand years ago when the Catholics conquered our black people like Maurice Lindsay says in his article online about how interracial marriages IS black genocide. Please listen to part 13 first of the film Maafa21 in which Dr Martin Luther King jr niece speaks. As abortion,birth control,homosexuality are also exterminating our black race;but none of them is exterminating black people as much as interracial marriages. Soon the black race will be EXTINCT all over the earth as Blacks everywhere are interracial marrying.

  2. Teena did the DAMN THING!! White Chocolate Teena!!! Some people was meant to sing R&B and she is one of them like Etta James which there is no comparison between those two i was just saying she was another meant to sing R&B


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