At Showtime @ the Apollo- one of my fave tunes from Lady T 🙂


  1. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s missing Ivory Angel. Played every instrument like Prince, wrote all of her own songs (except a few early ones by RJ), and of course those vocal performances. Yet R&RHoF admitting mere rappers before this lady. And speaking of rap, she was the FIRST singer to rap, and did so ably.

  2. Teena should be an America music icon, not just a R&B icon. Unfortunately, she was too far ahead of her time, when R&B was just a subgenre of Pop. Her vocal talent, instrumental virtuosity, charisma, and innovation a a woman who controlled center stage like a BOSS, make her a legend in American music. We have had others since: Lauren, India, Jill, Erykah, Janelle, etc.. Lady T is the mother of them all. I will never forget. I hope that many others will remember as well.


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