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  1. I was born in the late 70's remember a good deal of the 80's music and movies. I do not remember her. First time hearing her. As for the question are there females that just want to be lover girls yes. Me it depends on the man. Some men it's just hard to say no to even when you know there isn't a chance of a relationship with them. I think you probably know why.

  2. She said
    Coffee, tea or me baby, touche ole
    My opening line might be a bit passe
    But don't think that I don't know what I'm feeling for you cause I got a vibe the first time that I saw you, saw you,
    I need your Love and I wont bring no pain… know the rest lol dude I jam to some Lady Tee! Do Square Biz too thats a good one too

  3. one of her nicknames was vanilla chi. she was one of the best female singers ever. alot of people were shocked to find out she was a white woman who can sing like that! check out her video with Rick James fire and desire! they were best friends and lovers.

  4. This has got to be the best review I’ve ever seen in my life lol👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾my favorite female soul artist and the funniest reviewer Iever. He-so-Kray-Zee lol!!!!!!!

  5. Great reaction!!!!!
    Good interviews of Teena on YouTube. I always got her and Sheila E. mixed up. I remember when Teena died. Thankfully YouTube straightened me out.
    Teena was in Motown. A lot of people didn't realize she's white. It seemed like Teena and Rick James were soulmates. Love hate relationship, lol.


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