I nothing from this video. All rights go to the respective owners. I thought it would be nice to make alyrics vid to this since no one else thought of it. .


  1. She said she would die for this man, the thing's women would do to be appreciated and understood, i feel yall.. Rest easy Tina!
    Was young hearing this song played on 93.1 WZAK in Cleveland Ohio if you're from the area im sure you remember Lynn Tolliver and Ralph Poole/for lover's only 😉, i recall thinking she was black cause that station pretty much only played urban music in the early 80's. I remember when cassette tapes came out and i use to record songs from the radio and played them while i spoke to my girlfriend on the phone (who in time became my wife and still is) hopefully you guys feel the same nostalgia i do when hearing music from the times.
    Cause Good music is timeless, and without color dont let nobody tell you different! ✌


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