Teena Marie died on December 26, 2010..This video is definitely one of her many classics. Teena Marie and Rick James, both performing together back in 2004, singing fire and desire. May they both rest in peace! They will be missed tremendously!


  1. Clearly this wasn't their best performance of this song.  However, since this performance was ON THE FLY and unrehearsed I'll take it and happily and it seems the audience felt the same way.  Regardless of what happened to each of them personally through the years it was clear that their chemistry together on this song is what made this song work so well in the first place.  Their energy was undeniable on stage.  In short their emotional chemistry exceeds the technical quality of this performance.

  2. Both extremely talented. My husband knew them both and several occasions played back up guitar for Teena Marie decades ago. It wasn't a shock to see Rick pass, he was too old trying to live his youth again hard on the drugs. But Teena came as a shock because we had just seen her less than a year before she passed away. We were in front row beside Bobby Brown and his security. Anyone else at that concert in Atlanta when he hopped on stage to sing Rick's part but the singer from the Temptations was supposed to be an audience 'surprise'?? It was hilarious. Teena shut everything down. Security escorted Bobby offstage and out of the building. His jacket set in his seat for about 1 1/2 hours before security retrieved it. But it was memorable, Teena came offstage and sang in front of us and to my husband and walked in audience and stood on chair singing out there. In end she flicked her pick to my husband. It was a great night even with Bobby acting the fool. But she shamed him so bad onstage lol. * And on side note prior to them coming out singing this they had been in a horrible fight backstage. That wasn't told to me personally, I seen Teena speak on it in an interview after he passed away.

  3. Cant beleive theres criticism on this. Of course this shit isnt perfect. You want it to sound like the original track sound? If your from the hood and got a chance to see this, theres nothing wrong with the sound. Cant beleive untalented nothing people wanna talk shit on this Classic.

  4. Rick was sweating…LOL….He was coming out of them clothes….My guess is he was drunk…That liquor was making him overheat…LOL.. But, I don't care it was still Rick James and Tina Marie singing one of the most powerful soul ballads of my generation…RIP RICK AND TINA…. TWO MUSICAL ICONS…

  5. Teena Marie has more of everything, nMadonna, though she has had some good material ,through the years, Teena seemed classier to me on so many levels ,whereas Madonna, basically,exposed herself too much, that even the Vatican had a problem with that video “Like A Prayer “ in 1987 for it being blasphemous,Remember? That is why I got turned off by Madonna,I could stomach it. .Not at all.

  6. Amazing, considering he had had a stroke, I thought it was phenomenal. When you think of most people who have strokes, they NEVER get to where they can speak again, never mind singing.Whatever their ages. So , this was nothing short of miraculous.