Want to know what the Ivory Queen of Soul thought of the original Queen of Soul? Watch and find out! 8/3/2010


  1. I think the smoking did effect Aretha's voice because her voice changed in 1982 because it became very deep and husky. Watch some of her performances from the 80's you can tell she was avoiding high notes. But none the less she still sounded good.

  2. This shows what kind of person not only Aretha, but also Tina Marie is or was. She was talking about Aretha in such an uplifting way and Aretha is still alive. People usually wait until it's too late to give those kind of props. Long live the Ivory Queen!!

  3. Great clip, it tells a side of Aretha the public never sees. Thanks to Teena for giving props to Aretha, and thanks to you for sharing it.

    P.S. That's right, Retha, get yo money!!

  4. So happy to find this. It's wonderful to hear her voice again. I was fortunate to see her perform several times. Such a fantastic talent. Miss you, Lady T. God bless your sweet soul.


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