Chartsounds :

Teena Marie – ‘Wishing On A Star’.

Album : ‘New York Undercover – A Night at Natalies’.
Label : MCA 1998.

Written By : Billie Rae Calvin.

First Release By : Rose Royce On Audio Album : ‘Rose Royce II: In Full Bloom’ (1977)


  1. I feel so honored to have grown up on her music, dang all the greats are gone pretty much and too soon. This is super sad. Beautiful memories though..Love and miss you Forever Teena Marie💘💖…5/12/2019…

  2. The voice of an angel…back when your talent had to be true–no lip syncing, 'Auto-Tune', and no Pro Tools short cuts. Just pure talent. Today's female 'vocalists' take note–Teena Marie was the real deal!

  3. It takes a real musician or singer to do a real remake, not a cheap castoff, imitation. Most of these singers now, wouldn’t know how to do this.SHE knew what she was doing., unlike most remakes ,where they have no idea what/ how to do it like it is supposed to be done , and not ruin it.

  4. Not sure who did this better Lady T or The Cover Girls. I think I'm partial because I love Lady T. How about a round of applause👏↪ for the musicians they really funked up the ending. No pun intended😂.