The most powerful tool at an actor’s disposal is their face, so there’s something to be said about delivering a memorable performance while wearing a mask or with their face otherwise obscured. Even if the mask is totally bitchin’, there’s a serious risk of making a character dull (literally any version of Cyclops) or flat-out ridiculous (the eternal lesson of Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin). It’s hard to imagine Tom Hanks having the same impact as Forrest Gump had be been forced to do the entire film with a jack o’ lantern on his head, although I’d like to believe he would’ve won an additional Oscar for the effort. That said, we’ve seen some truly incredible masked characters over the years that rival any number of their nude-faced counterparts. In honor of the 15th anniversary of V for Vendetta, I’ve ranked 9 of the best performances in which you never see the character’s face, including that rascal V himself.


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