‘I didn’t earn the name Angel-faced Assassin because I give good fucking hugs. And if they don’t know that, they’ve got no idea what’s coming.’

When we read the synopsis and trigger warning on The Brit by Jodi Ellen Malpas we knew we had to read it! Anything mafia, dark romance that comes with warnings is our jam! We also heard that this is nothing like the books we’ve read before by this much-loved author.  So of course we dived straight in and wow, we have to say we fell in book love immediately. We could not put this book down for love nor money. It was sexy, it had great character depth and dynamic and the storyline was compelling. If you love dark romance, strong and fierce heroines and ruthless obsessed anti-heroes then The Brit definitely needs to be on your to-read list. The chemistry between Danny Black and Rose Lillian Cassidy was potent, the sexual tension on fire and the angst, palpable.

“I want to fucking kill you.” He brings his face down, closer, allowing me to see the murder etched across it.
“Then kill me,” I breathe. “And make it slow and painful.”
“What the hell are you?” He’s completely stunned.
“I’m a heartbeat….I’m nothing, Danny Black. And you are God.”

The Brit is fast-paced and if you’re like us you’ll literally inhale it and not come up for air until you turn the last page. It’s certainly gritty, tense and dark, but we hereby dare Jodi Ellen Malpas to go even further on the mafia and cold anti-hero aspect. She can -without question- do this as Danny was luscious in every fucked up way and the suspenseful and thrilling storyline; just perfection. Dare we say out loud that Danny is our new favourite Malpas hero? Honestly, he was to die for! And as for Rose, what can we say other than hands down our new favourite heroine from this Author. The way in which she was written felt fresh and new from Jodi and there was no repetition nor living in her head. She was fabulous and we loved her.

‘No one has ever protected me before. I don’t want to like it. Liking something makes it more painful when you no longer have it, and protection isn’t something I can keep.’

We want more like this from Jodi Ellen Malpas because she nailed it, our only gripe was that there was no epilogue and it just kind of ended quite abruptly. We fully believe in the perfection and value a great epi brings to the reader and also we’re just greedy like that! As for the twists, we never saw a few of them coming which we loved! What a brilliant new direction this Author has taken.

“I’m sorry if I’ve ever hurt you.”
“I’m sorry for letting you.”