The Cast Of 'Lost In Space' Reunite For A Special Hollywood Event

50 years ago, the Robinson family got ‘Lost In Space’…the series was set in the far off future: 1997. The mission? Colonize deep space. But things went wrong…and for three seasons, viewers tuned in weekly to see where they would end up next.

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  1. This aired from '65 to '68, and (@ 2:35ish) Ms Lockhart said "We had already had a second landing on the Moon at the time…" I guess she meant second Apollo flight test or such. Anyway she is great. The show was great! IS great! Love you guys! (OMG that last couple lines sounded too much like Trump. Excuse me while I go get a lobotomy.) And what the heck ever happened to 'Bloop'?

  2. Wow penny gained alot of weight. I didn't even recognize her. I had a major crush on Judy. She still looks good for her age. Lost in space was one of my favorite TV shows when I was a kid….

  3. I was a Japanese primary school pupil when "Lost In Space" was broadcast in Japan in 1960`s, and I was a great fan of this awesome TV program. When I watch former actors of this program, I have to concede that more than half a century has passed since then, and no wonder I`m no longer a kid as I used to be.

  4. The first season was by far the best, but the entire series was before its time. Great cast, they still all look good. Great special effects for its time and the music made the show much more exciting.
    The new lost in space on Netflix pales in comparison to the original.

  5. Loved The Time Tunnel,Land of the Giants,Voyage to the bottom of the Sea,City Beneath the sea,
    The Towering Inferno,Earthquake,The Poseidon Adventure…Irwin Allen was the Master! The King Even of1960s sci fi
    Thank God for him! Amen

  6. Wonderful memories of watching Lost in Space reruns right after school! It was a ritual for my sisters and I to watch while eating a snack. Something so simple that made us so happy! Ans we really loved the show! Still use "Danger, danger, danger, Will Robinson"


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