The Coachella lineup, damaged down by reserving company, is extra fascinating than the precise lineup

There is one thing that every musician in artist management and booking wonders when the annual Coachella lineup comes out: Who booked these artists?

Thanks to ROSTR, we have now broken down the whole thing, from which booking agency which artist was booked – and frankly the results are amazing.

Paradigm booking agency is by far the largest of the entire squad with a full third of the lineup that falls under their area of ​​responsibility. WME and CAA with 16% and 13% respectively, are the next in the field in the list, although neither of them together correspond to the paradigm alone. UTA is next with 9% of the lineup, and a few other agencies finish.

A larger breakdown of the artists by level and more detailed infographics about the enormous differences in bookings with Coachella 2020 can be found here.

Photo courtesy of Coachella

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