The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz celebrates a total of three new Michelin stars this week after the “Guide Michelin 2020” ceremony in 2020. The resort had previously received a Michelin star from IGNIV from Andreas Caminada and three other stars for Chef Silvio Germann ("IGNIV von Andreas Caminada") and Chef Sven Wassmer ("Memories") and their teams. This makes the two upscale restaurants in the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz one of the best restaurants in Switzerland.

This is a sensational start for 33-year-old Sven Wassmer. Wassmer managed to reach the top and receive two stars within just eight months of opening its restaurant Memories. Previously, Wassmer worked in a two-star restaurant in Vals and brought his talents to the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in 2019. "For me, these two stars are the reward for the intensive work of the past year," says Wassmer. "But without my team it would be impossible to cook at such a high level." Wassmer emphasizes that star-level cooking is a team effort. "An amazing achievement that we all could only achieve together."

This year, in his fifth year at IGNIV, Silvio Germann was awarded the second Michelin star. "The second star came completely unexpectedly," says Germann, "but our joy is great, which motivates us to continue on our path consistently." He is also a team player and explains: "Every single member of this team does its best every day to make our guests happy." The 30-year-old Germann was instrumental in the design of IGNIV and the gourmet sharing concept designed by Andreas Caminada from the start.

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is pleased with the two awards. Marco R. Zanolari, General Manager of Grand Hotels, says: “With these awards, the culinary five-star world in the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is entering new areas. We congratulate Sven Wassmer as well as Silvio Germann and their teams on this achievement. "

The two chefs were rightly honored this week in the presence of around 130 colleagues from all over Switzerland in Lugano. With these successes, the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz confirms its reputation as an outstanding culinary travel destination in Eastern Switzerland. In Switzerland, almost two dozen restaurants have been awarded two Michelin stars.

The "Michelin Guide" has been available in Switzerland since 1994. The "Michelin" inspectors attach great importance to the fact that the award is not only given to the chef, but also to the restaurant. Here it comes into play that experts believe that cooking at the star level is a team sport. The chefs at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz – Silvio Germann ("IGNIV von Andreas Caminada") and Sven Wassmer ("Memories") – prove this in their daily work.

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