The majority of the world is waiting for a vaccine against COVID-19 to be found before they even think about returning to live events and large gatherings. But what if there was a way to enjoy concerts and events without worrying about the spread of an illness?

Production clubThe company behind the sets for Skrillex, Zedd, The Chainsmokers and others has launched a concept for a new airtight suit called The Micrashell that's designed for fashion and functionality.

Micrashell is a virus-protected, easy-to-control, fun, disinfectable and quick-to-use personal protective equipment (PPE) that you can use to make contacts without distancing yourself.

The futuristic suit is equipped with all sorts of functions, including speakers, adjustable LED strips, a camera, sub-resonators on the back, an N95 particle filter and a suction system and much more. It even comes with a supply system so you can drink and vape without ever exposing yourself to external elements.

While Micrashell is still pending patent, it is a very real concept that Production Club is currently working on and will hopefully be available soon. Here you can see the complete technical data and more pictures.


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