The Ohio State University Marching Band Performs their Hollywood Blockbuster Show

The “Hollywood Blockbuster Show” was performed by members of the Ohio State University Marching Band on October 26th, 2013 at the Penn State Game. Coming off of their Michael Jackson Tribute show, students had a week to learn the drill associated with this show and a little over a week to learn the music.

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  1. The rest of the world: our army’s have great unison formations what do you have America?
    America: look at our marching bands
    The rest of the world: lmao really? That’s the bes- holy shit did they just become super man?
    America: damn right they did

  2. I think this deserves more likes and views because the time and effort it took to create this masterpiece is simply amazing. I can't imagine how much practice and cooperativity this took! The music really helped with the figures. I was mind-blown and this was a great marching band, but it could only be seen on one side of the stadium which is a shame. Despite that, this is just beyond amazing!!


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