Ree is the QUEEN of comfort food! These are her most-viewed comfy, cozy recipes, from cheesy stuffed shells to creamy mashed potatoes!

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  2. What type of pot are you using in the 1st recipe (beef stew)? It can't be a pressure cooker. Is it a slow cooker? If yes, I've never seen one like that. Who is the manufacturer? Please & Thank you.

  3. Eat this food to get sick and die early. In a nation of fat sick and nearly dead citizens can we have some healthy recipes? With diabetes out of control and heart disease our number one killer she’s serving plenty of high cholesterol and sugary rich comfort food.

  4. Love the recipes, but why not use your own cookware for the lasagna vs disposable pans? I love my Pioneer Woman pretty casserole dishes and have used them for lasagna and all sorts of home cookin…maybe these videos were before you launched the line.

  5. Ree’s recipes are absolutely awful. I’ve tried a couple and thought, this is terrible too🤦🏻‍♀️ She doesn’t ‘build flavor’. Why is her show on all the time!🙄


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